Rules: Needs to be a song about changing the world, has to have 2 people in the song no more no less. No dissing or name drops

Max of 64 lines


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  • Dream:
  • This the Remix, Dream & Music...
  • Dream:
  • Why do we degrade each other ? Why do we degrade ourselves ?
  • Judge a book by the cover that we never read, we just knock them of the shelf.
  • People look for help, but we can't help ourselves, I question myself,
  • It should be about working together for bettering ourselves not wealth.
  • I'm humiliated and so frustrated, why is world so complicated ?
  • We spreading hate without reason to hesitate, it really depends on the picture you painted.
  • Stuck in the deep end, can't even play pretend, words can never comprehend it,
  • The worlds coming to an end, my minds running itself blank once again.
  • Rainforests destroyed thats deforestation, natural disaster and famine,
  • Moral evil, this is so decietful, I want the earth to be peaceful, can you imagine ?
  • Too much pollution, carbon dioxide in the air, a hole twice as big as America in the Ozone layer.
  • I guess its a part of nature,I'm telling neighbours I'm looking for somthing greater.
  • This racism truly makes me sick, we hating on each other cause this skin we are born with,
  • Is a massive negative that needs to change to positive, speaking of being positive.
  • Positivity, love and peace, lets make a change for posterity, cause on the flipside its sunny,
  • Seriously, my mentality has many different strategies, we supposed to be a family.
  • Musically:
  • You bitches just spit so much hate, you can't learn mistakes ain't made,
  • You show me nothing but hate. riding round I got some towson bait,
  • I'm still here but I can't stake, why do people have to hate ? I can tell you that this tape
  • Cause haters gonna hate don't violate my paitience
  • I'm waiting to kill a man, if they hate let 'em hate I drop ya whole clan
  • Golly wolly I still hear the hate Yeah, I think i'mma cop me that new estate
  • Those are not my dreams, I'll be straight, gotta push away all the cries and hate
  • Type of nigga to jerk off to his own sex tape why do we keep responding and the same hate ?
  • Quit the bullshit wit' all these mean comments i want to be respected,
  • This same statement goes for everybody, lay down your weapons no need to pick up shotties,
  • No need for catching bodies, no need for slapping thotties even if they hotties.
  • Lets just party, pour out the liquor and just reminisce about my days of being a young menace.
  • Dream :
  • We straying from the purpose, we disrespect each other and the people that have birthed us,
  • We hate on loved ones & love who've hurt us, we forget what means most & dwell on purchase.
  • Forget about it this ain't worth it, stop thinking you got to be perfect,
  • Nobody is perfect, lets correct our wrongs and let love resurrect.
  • Listen to my voice just put the blade down, I know you think it's your only true escape now,
  • The scars upon your arms ain't worth pain now and them scream that were silent have regained sound.
  • If they don't love you for who you are that's there issue, When your dead could they fix you ?
  • When your on the news you really think that they'd miss you ? pretend they care then forget you.
  • I'm confused we fucked up like the drugs we use, we go killin' motherfuckers for upgraded shoes,
  • Your problems matter but there so miniscule, I don't mean to sound cruel, what you finna do ?
  • I'm a tad disappointed in this new generation, I done grew up in a jungle just tryna find a way in,
  • Don't you dare go trying to run away you going to have to face it so your staying in.
  • I'm tryna find an exit looking for the end of the maze with no direction, feeling disconnected,
  • Its like a hates is a disease and I'm the only one not infected.
  • #StopTheHate Dream Team...


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  • I'm hitting the person with a right in the middle of the night below your tree
  • Where you belong with your family
  • I kill me just like you from the back you'll see it's too late to say "sorry"
  • Damn fuck this
  • And I'll be rich if I get another diss
  • Back at RME they fucked me
  • Do you think I'm crazy, crazy, crazy
  • I'm too lazy for this baby
  • Shady made me strong like donkey kong
  • Wolves is out past dawn on your front lawn
  • I smell fear in the air
  • Hit like if you dare
  • This ani't no fun fair
  • They're tryin to say that I don't care
  • But i do
  • "He ain't give a fuck about you"
  • Opps that's my tiger talking
  • While i'm walking to the zoo
  • I could think of a couple positions for you
  • (Sorry) repeat
  • Sometimes I think, what I need
  • Is a seat
  • Wolf Gang in this bitch, bruh, we six feet deep
  • Hitting the street
  • DMV that's on me no days off I don't sleep
  • I'm so fucking sorry
  • We ain't hear to hurt nobody
  • Fuck me i'm a pussy
  • Ain’t no doubt that shit is crazy
  • Got the mind of a kitty from michigan
  • Bitch, they call it Motor City
  • We just trying to win
  • Oh-kay, here's the situation
  • They want me in prison cuz of my visiions
  • But somehow it made them listen
  • Sorry
  • But respect is more real, and ambition the key
  • i'm ready for any problem you'll see that i'm sorry

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