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Battle on May 29 2020


  • She got a skeleton in the closet but murder will out
  • Inside, my heart is dead, yeah it's a ghost town
  • I'm playing dice with death, think I need to tune it down
  • Put the rope around my throat, think I need to turn it down
  • Bouta' reach my death by one thousands cuts til her laughter bursts out
  • Oh wow, this the end of the road, went from love letters right to a suicide note
  • From my cradle to my grave, I was a dead man walkin', time for me to let go
  • Dead in the water, they said I was stronger than that but they were dead wrong
  • Been heart broke and back stabbed so many times that I'm writin' sad songs, oh
  • Love is the slow form of suicide but suicide's not what kills people, It's the sadness that does though
  • Suicidal tendencies, I got some demons that live within me
  • I'm tired of all the bad dreams that they really been givin' me
  • Where'd the angel on my shoulder go, he ain't even with me
  • I'm so committed to my dreams but this negativity goin' with me
  • I tried to get rid of it but I can only use it against me
  • I guess it's time, won't need a semi, cause bitch I'm bouta' OD
  • Juice WRLD got me through my suicidal thoughts
  • But now they comin' back but he's not
  • R-I-P, rest in peace, cause just like my heart, he's gone
  • My back got stabs wounds all from my past, now my brains been, shot


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