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write bout faith, love , worship for god no recordings / beats.....dont make it complicated write it off and praise the god..friendly battle

Max of 34 lines


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  • from the seventh day , there was life
  • it was his creation, that we are alive
  • it was because of him, we don't strive
  • nor we cry.....
  • i want to leave a sigh
  • when all tensions surround me
  • cause he surrounds me and protects me
  • and u .........
  • and i been on my life on the toughest stages but you helped me
  • it was just of him , i have soared into these heights
  • so i will praise till i die, die, die, die
  • so that we will have eternal life and love
  • yes god , u are my saviour
  • there's no one better than
  • greater than you, saviour than you, YES YOU.GOD!!!
  • //pre- chorus//
  • god hep us, shout to him, help us, help us
  • join me, help us, help us.god!! we need your help
  • we are dying now without no one's love
  • shower us your grace and love
  • that we may fight this pandemic......
  • //chorus//
  • god i loved you, i love you and i will love you
  • god you loved me, you love me and you will love me
  • i am proud to be a christian, oh i am proud, i am proud
  • cause there's no reason to not be proud,
  • there are just millions of reasons to be proud
  • cause you help me when i am drowned


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  • ok so first pray to god to play my games its time for a round of og fame,
  • proclaim for gods testement is my will of power , he wants me to say it louder,
  • so il shout it on the rooftops summon the fire to unleash upon your pyre,
  • cus exhaustion gets me higher so i praise god to save us from this virus, but they driving me mad,
  • they say my lifes sad, i say prepare to witness my business, dont you realise im vicious, il snap back.
  • and recap, i wanna be the kindest, cus i when i get to heaven il be the highest on earth,
  • even the weed god ,l praise me, all these haters have me elevatin to gods domain and blazin,
  • now pay homage to your lord and saviour

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