Battles  Crackshot vs PsychoPuppet


Friendly battle. beat encouraged. spit BARS.

Max of 18 lines


PsychoPuppet won this battle!


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Battle on May 22 2020


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  • You know I won't go easy on this.
  • even though this is a friendly diss.
  • Hopefully i can leave my mark.
  • while you're still sleeping in the park.
  • and sadly beating your meat in the dark.
  • you stay there 'till your soul embarks.
  • whether you live or die.
  • all your insults do not apply.
  • to me stop being such a pussy.
  • oh wait you can't, you're a nobody.
  • I wish my verse was better.
  • and ill still remember, how much this psycho is really a slut.
  • but cool story bro, in what chapter do you shut the fuck up.
  • A few bitches talk but they do without knowledge
  • Everyone has the right to be dumb, but you're abusing the privilege.
  • I'm done but I ain't run yet and I never will
  • hey two wrongs don't make a right, take your parents as an example.


  • These shit no names can’t impose fame so underground y’all ain’t even standin ya ground
  • Now Shot’s all over the wall, I’m just here to take one down and pass it around
  • So get the hearse for the dead if he gettin to steppin get served for the bread like a delicatessen
  • Crack gettin smoked but still ain’t dope that’s why you lost to “My mom hit me in the chest with a can of beans when I was seven.”
  • They all tryna protect you from dyin again, ya bars be cute but now you gettin barbecued
  • And I ain’t here for the guardin of Eden I’m already a god to you
  • I’m known to bring down the buildin to me you a piece of rubble
  • Y’all know he in trouble when I crack Crack till he seein double
  • How you talkin that shit with more losses than wins? Every bar that you spit just digs you into a bottomless pit
  • Y’all seen how many pedos on here? Crackshot is the pimp he puts little boys on the block like Oliver Twist
  • What you call makin waves is just a dip in the pool you seriously posted a diss for a kid at ya school
  • Just to end up gettin schooled ya self, I’m the king of this shit, seasoned with it with a pinch of salt into ya wound
  • Tried to start this match but can’t get no fuse and can’t step to this fire it’s Nowruz
  • Sure we both from the west, but while I put my city on the map shit just goin left for you
  • Go mental on em without an instrumental you ain’t got the magazine you just model for GQ
  • I saw that these rules say “beat encouraged” and that’s when I figured why not just beat you?
  • Gettin destroyed soon as you enter the void so with bars you Vinstar from Nintendo Metroid
  • Since day 1 I’ve smoked vets and ain’t even an adult yet but I got 18 to separate the men from the boys

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