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No Line Limit; I Have 32 | Use Any Spare Rap/Poem You Want | Instrumental Optional

Max of 64 lines


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Battle on April 16 2018


  • A middle-class lad, a middle-class lass //
  • Born into poverty, taught to seek the nickel's advan'-
  • Tidge in a fickle NASDAQ economy and its remittal tax scam //
  • Little by little adds stacked, utilizing cautiously, no squandering what the penny bag has //
  • Wallets breathe dollarlessly while the greedy aristocrats laugh //
  • Just traditional acts, trash society's needs by policies in fiscal matters,
  • 'Til after the simple fact that ya money is dryer than some Mitchell-Grass lands //
  • Illuminati echelon's big cheese belittling mask, attracting in flimflam to swindle man's cash //
  • Starving for bread to nibble at, famished! No more shinplasters with these Hammer & Sickle class-acts //
  • So the middle-class lad and the middle-class lass unlawfully conspire clean robbery,
  • Bankteller's hands (up) – Safe cellar latched (shut) – Crank lever jammed (stuck)
  • 'Til the officials catch 'em,
  • With the pistol grasped *gunshot* //
  • Oughta' get the criminal stamp,
  • Shit'll hap-pun, as if the nick'll discipline 1st Amendment act-shuns //
  • Money don't grow on trees when ya in a damn rut,
  • No other other way to enrich some fast funds,
  • Now when the rich go act up? It's acquittal,
  • Riddle that, huh //
  • Greedy assholes, feeding their ego, ample, the demon of Eve wheedles to eat the apple, then feel the need to gamble it, //
  • Funny yet. How some poor communities and cultures are known as needy when they seem more grateful.
  • Only a meal by the handful will please their needs, even with meager financials. //
  • Because they stopped chasing the evil that is riches to prevent themselves from falling victim to that ceaseless battle.
  • It can get really unnecessary, really unnecessary
  • Why is building one's character with diligence carefully for a healthy kokoro and self-love a rarity? //
  • Money is nothing, nothing more than something
  • Something that'll only fulfill temporarily //
  • Like a dog chasing a plastic bag in the wind...
  • It's nothing


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  • Yall dont want this jumpman to Jump
  • , scottie pippen hold me up,
  • when i'm flipping in the cut
  • guess what i'm sipping in the cup
  • Out my league like its Adam and Eve
  • climbing the trees.
  • Me, i'm climbing to breathe
  • grinding the leaves
  • reminding my seeds....
  • competition will come early
  • knocking at your door like Mr. Ferly
  • on 3s a company
  • jack, what you want from me...
  • A Home going service or burial
  • turn up the stereo
  • i'm Aubrey in Ontario
  • hanging a round like a merry-go
  • theyre telling me , Mavericks a Tory lanez
  • but do it look like i'm worried yo
  • i'm still deep in the game
  • rap pad hold my sombrero
  • as I deal wit this scenario

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