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  • Hands off please lets get onto fist make your bruise morbid
  • fly high like icarus cause that indulgence will fall into my fist cause I'm ventroloquist
  • I squeeze it tight like the tightrope gonna be a dynamite so endure more punishes
  • My rhymes are design to be cutting edge like a chisel cutting you in your pinnacle
  • Standing you metamorphosis in a cliff, this bars tilt the scale more call it injustice
  • cause i don't spare force even if i make more nemisis
  • and amend for more sins for I engulf on raw twist
  • cause its hard to control my tremolo if i cant be fix
  • so i went to more risk drench all the fist into the inferno mist
  • anybody in the cranny or in the nook lookin' crooked
  • you will smell rotten undead scent you loathin' so sudden
  • i'm rockin' offenses grown all tension
  • you runnin' for your life but you be unfasten
  • so better know me more cause I got torpedo and tornado in the load to add more kilo
  • you can never tore the code cause this rhyme
  • is a strong pillar formidable
  • but theirs between who bit the dust and winning like between (bit win)


  • I am not impressed
  • ima finish the rest
  • we all know im the best
  • so why dont you take a rest
  • because i run this
  • and all the girls love dis
  • they think i'm so fresh
  • they think i'm so cool
  • they all know you the nerd of the school
  • so do what you do
  • and ima do me
  • but we know whose they best
  • of this rap family
  • I'm a G, and this is something you can't see
  • I bet this dude can't count to three

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