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  • I hear you say your girl is cool,
  • Maybe she's a beotch,
  • Or maybe u are the one fucking bitches,
  • Cos you a Maniac,
  • No wonder she left you for some Craziack,
  • Leaving u crying or am wrong ?,
  • Yeah I Know you silent,
  • This guy keeps screaming,
  • He's paranoid,
  • Wait! Someone get he's ass another steroid,
  • I ain't hearing what u saying,
  • You like a used car,
  • This guy isn't a rapper,
  • He's real name is Dick star,
  • Cos I know something about you,
  • You live in the woods screaming I'm so cool,
  • Try to check your breath everytime you talk,
  • Time don't wait for you,
  • You gotta brush more too,
  • But wait!
  • I know your a king in rap,
  • Buh I'ma smash,
  • I tried to lay so low,
  • Cos you gonna crash,
  • Hearing my flow is like digging your pit,
  • Am crying now feeling you're nothing but waste,
  • Am I too harsh?
  • Someone please get him rag,
  • Shit!
  • I laugh every time i think about your case,
  • Wasting my time cos you on the hall of beggars,
  • You are German,
  • Hey!
  • That's ok,
  • You damn look like a fucking worm with brain,
  • Don't be mad,
  • You could get your fucking brain amended, (yeah)
  • With some fucking threads,
  • I'm so stressed,
  • Talking to a being with no P.P,
  • Ding dong,
  • Sorry cos I gotta spill it out,
  • Wait! You got a pussy or a dick?
  • Cos I ain't seeing no dick dick!
  • Feel me?
  • Yeah you have to feel my glow,
  • Or I'ma spank you, (bitch)
  • Go wash my clothes,
  • This bitch is hungry,
  • Someone please get him a biscuit!
  • Is that a cloth you wearing?
  • Well I Know it's from the 80's,
  • Im facing (you),
  • Cos you a barrier am breaking,
  • You lazy,
  • Shit!
  • No wonder your girl left you cos you're a frog,
  • I think your middle name is Corona virus,
  • Don't get me twisted,
  • Am tryna help you cos I'ma killer,
  • Killing everything including you whore!
  • Take my rhymes,Think of your life,
  • Then come back challenging the king of the battle.....


  • reeeeee

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