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Don't even try you. haha

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  • We don't care about your numbers, that's them man
  • They ain't gonna be here in the end man
  • I step up and I end man
  • Send man straight to the truth
  • Shut up, your gals got bare fake tan
  • Send a man straight to the booth
  • I ain't looking from a mountain, or standing on the roof
  • I be standing on the floor with my trucks and my coupe's
  • Drop tops ready to run this place blue
  • I read all about you, that's dead though
  • I ain't gonna chat any shit about my gal, she's cool
  • You ain't got none coz i stole your ting
  • Since your first album, your music is dieting
  • That's why I'm in the game writing, you asked for no fihting
  • I got the fire ting, light up a army on sight
  • You better pass me that mic
  • Cah it's cold outside, man are back to the road outside
  • Man are getting pretty bold outside, yeah
  • I bring two in, you lot run out
  • That just happened, you lot dun out
  • And my blood's grime bruv
  • So I can't dun out
  • My flow can't dun out, my bars won't run out
  • Rolex, get your watch out
  • Heatwave, bring the sun out
  • So what? Number 1 out
  • After all that stuff, I ain't dun out
  • Can't stop me when I'm setting the pace
  • Can't stop drums when they get with the bass
  • Is what it is, don't step in my face
  • No long talk, gotta cut to the chase
  • This side's winning the race
  • I got the spirit of Ace
  • So when I jump on the stage this year gotta make it clear
  • These bumbaclat flows I'm hearing? All my ones
  • It's not homage, looking like a sly one
  • I know when a brudda and a label join together and they try one
  • They all copy me, they want some of my one
  • It don't work though
  • 'Cause this my ting
  • And I'm the heavyweight champ of this rap ting
  • I will die fighting for what I believe in, that's firstly
  • Secondly, none of these soundboys can burst me
  • I knew about riddims from nursery
  • And I will eat MC's like deep fried turkey
  • Them man went along for the journey
  • But you yute ain't got big dick even after puberty
  • I know your good and that
  • Yeah, I know he came from the hood and that
  • But if the vibes that we built were drugs and we packed
  • We'd be stacking, and he come along and took all that
  • This is for the darkside, disrespect
  • This is purely skilled with my foot on your neck
  • Yes I surely will 'cause I'm king on the set
  • I got old dubplates when I ring on my mesh
  • You're not the only hood don who can bring in the cheques
  • My flow is monstrous, that's why it's wringing your neck, yeah
  • The last 20 years was great
  • But, it's about time we bring in the next
  • Check


  • Excuse me I don't recall claiming to be a god, but who are you to scream out fraud?
  • I'll leave you speechless, I don't need you to applaud.
  • You call this a game, but it ain't no joke,
  • You'll be talking when you start to choke,
  • You won't be able to spit what you call "fire"
  • And say what you want but I'm no liar,
  • I mean what I say, you'll have no words,
  • No rhymes to say you'll forget to use your vocal cords.
  • You mistake me for someone I'm not
  • You think I'm someone who will just give up?
  • I don't go down without a fight.
  • But I'll make sure you're screaming in fright.
  • I haven't even started, I'm just warming up.
  • I'll show all of you just what I'm made of.
  • Yeah you're gonna wish that you never even tried,
  • Because by the time I'm through, your brain will be fried.
  • And I know your punchline to come back at that one,
  • "Yeah it'll be fried because you're so dumb"
  • Something along those lines, right?
  • You all are the same,
  • You're rhymes are a bore and so first grade.
  • You just can't handle my talent,
  • You're way below my level,
  • I can get better competition from a itty bitty pebble.
  • But I'll have to settle,
  • You really aren't successful.
  • Don't feel bad there's several,
  • But I won't be gentle.
  • I'm no god I won't show mercy,
  • Bow down you really aren't worthy
  • Take your time, to think of a rhyme, no need to hurry.
  • Just take some time with the mic and balance out your rhymes,
  • Then come back at me when you can put up a challenge.

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