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35 lines or less. dissing allowed. have fun with it. anybody respond to da battle.

Max of 35 lines


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  • Now I'm stronger and better, wiser and older,
  • Nowadays i feel like i'm somehow nicer yet colder,
  • It's hard for people to gain my trust or respect,
  • I'm vicious with words, quick to impress with my dialect,
  • That's mainly a wall that can't crumble, a natural defence,
  • In life there's many who wear masks, it's all a pretence.
  • I got friends by the bucketload, literally in the hundreds,
  • But they're friends with the facade, inside there's a monster,
  • Only time i've ever let go i've seen the damage that that shit can do,
  • So I scribble in a pad, it's all I've got to express the views,
  • Society as a whole wouldn't get, fathom or grasp,
  • Probably make up some mental condition, say my head's in the stars,
  • I guess this ain't really a battle response, it was just a trigger,
  • So i put the glock back in my mouth, pull back the trigger.
  • Blood splattered, brains scattered, all over the wall,
  • '15 year old found dead in the bathroom stall'
  • They'd discuss it, conclude I was selfish,
  • Nothing happened in his past, that's how they'd sell this,
  • Maybe put a spin on it, stretch for a mental illness,
  • Or say that the workload was too much and that's what killed him.
  • It's sobering to think, in a few short years i've gone from the brink,
  • To being a stable citizen, just through mind power and discipline,
  • And realising dwelling on things that can't change, is actually whats imprisoning


  • She callin' me daddy like she got some dad problems
  • Bitch you should be a better father
  • Fuckin' yo daughter,
  • Writin' yo life but I ain't no author
  • You'd be scared to meet me
  • You say you hang in the trap house, but that's more of a business meeting
  • Go ahead and keep sleeping on me
  • Keep dreaming dreams you won't proceed cause you not me
  • You won't succeed, but it's okay it's not like you could ever compete

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