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Atlantian I just decided I'll farm another win from you. Put however much you need but if you can really rap then do 1 verse, 16 lines.

Max of 64 lines


ATR_Moon won this battle!


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Battle on May 7 2020


  • Fuck guns nigga let’s throw them hands
  • I’ll dismantle you like pots and pans
  • Wit a screwdriver and a sturdy hand
  • Just to show you that I can
  • Damn, you realized I had a plan
  • That I ain’t talk shit just for the fans
  • And I’ve come to murder you like a hitman
  • Then host a funeral for your friends and fam
  • They gone cry because you’re dead
  • While they place L’s inside your casket
  • And think about how you disgraced them
  • When you disrespected me for no reason
  • To me, you’re nothing but a statistic
  • To boost my rep with this rap shit
  • You’re not capable of coming back wit a diss
  • So imma move on like nothing happened


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  • I should've ghosted you but I don't play nice like Casper
  • Came back for seconds like ya dont love me but it doesn't matter
  • You're reaching for the moon with those disses all the way to Saturn
  • Your bio says dissing you is suicide so how am I still alive?
  • I guess that shit ain't work out just like your shitty hairline
  • I gave you the biggest battle of your career, you come to me for life
  • Electro Magnetik can't be your rival when you're ducking static
  • Don't beef with me if you want to farm a win this aint no farmers market
  • Winning more votes nothing, you can't sow seeds of respect
  • Boy your afro is looking dusty, bitch you got me over here sneezing
  • If I mop the floor with you then it's more effective than sweeping
  • Heard you from Wisconsin, I got some cousins down there that'll lynch ya
  • Shoutout Dale, Wilfred, Cody, they some hell hounds that'll get ya
  • You represent the mid in TSM, if you had a team it would special ED

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