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Battle on April 3 2020


  • somethings never change ,
  • Once again Rayne is aggravated
  • He said he was gonna spit ,
  • Guess that spit must have got evaporated
  • His rhymes don't make sense,
  • Even when they're annotated
  • I always wondered why ppl vote for him,
  • Even when his shit can't be translated
  • But then I noticed,
  • It's only special Ed kids who get captivated
  • This is a message for anyone who backs you,
  • My wrath can't be understated
  • Ima make ppl scared to stand up for you,
  • Like both of their legs got amputated
  • His lack or brain activity should be blamed on his parents
  • They were doing more drugs than I can name in a sentence
  • And his mom did em all while she was pregnant
  • Thats why her son grew up stupid ,
  • And injected bleach a disinfectant,
  • After trump said that was the cure to the pandemic
  • This dumbass was arguing with doctors,
  • Even after it made him septic
  • He wanted to end it after always being neglected
  • Till he found rappad,
  • Now he will virtually kiss anyone's ass to feel accepted
  • Its kinda pathetic from my perspective
  • My bad I took long to reply,
  • I had to blow off some steam
  • I found a lost puppy following me on threads
  • I named him "project Supreme "
  • Rayne is an unstable kid ,
  • And I'm here to put an end to his suffering ,
  • Someone call amir,
  • Kaz's mom ain't the only one who needs comforting


  • Yo, gotta admit, life's been shaky lately,
  • But this bitch is crazy for clout, so he makin' fun of it,
  • Let's see then lil' lady!
  • I admit the battle with Imagen was wack,
  • But here's a fact, 23 votes I laid Sayis down flat,
  • In his fuckin' grave, he keeps rollin' over,
  • He can't believe he lost to me, he ain't done his homework!
  • A few weeks ago, I was on Mount Rushmore according to the same bitch,
  • Who's doin' this fuckin' disgraced shit,
  • The battle against Imagen proves even a fool,
  • Like me, can take you down quick,
  • In real life, you're taken lightly!
  • I'll bury you one last time, read my last lines,
  • On a fuckin' no-life who spends weekends,
  • Bein' a pedophile, jerkin' off to Snow White!
  • And remember the time I pushed you into a corner,
  • And even you couldn't find a coroner, to see what I did to you!
  • I'm at the downfall to rise point, everyone on the site thinks I'm retarded,
  • But I still shit on you!
  • From such a height, huh, haha!
  • Yo' dad committed suicide watchin' yo' monotony,
  • He was a dickhead, but you got a monopoly!
  • And honestly, I got rage issues, but you constantly,
  • Show me room for improvement in bein' a big mad,
  • Atrocity!
  • You act like a fuckin' Balboa descendant on a website,
  • At this point, yo' really writin' from the next life,
  • A ghost of the memories, a reminder of my expertise,
  • Of battlin' special Ed kids, without any referees,
  • Makin' autistic enemies, who keep mentioning!
  • My name even when they lost they mouth,
  • Ago in centuries!
  • It feels like a felony..... But I took every burden,
  • That fell on me!
  • So, I'll manhandle you again.........
  • You generic PFP using lil' bitch!
  • You reignited the flames back!
  • Imma bury you back in Baghdad,
  • I'm more fuckin' pissed than an Afghan!
  • You use imaginary alts, that's how delusional,
  • You've become! I'm mad but bitch yo' head,
  • Melts like it's in a crucible!
  • Your fuckin' "rap" skills consist of boastin' bars,
  • Act so big, 8 days later you talked back, postpone this hard?
  • And the punctuation and grammar headin' to level Tay Lord,
  • You called yo'self blind, what next? Call yo'self the gay sort?
  • You proudly say you control virtual faggot armies,
  • Then you wanna brawl, you think I think you'll harm me?
  • Bitch please! You mad in a grave, you one mad disgrace,
  • You climb out just to yell not to breathe, you mad everyday,
  • Can't let go of a month old incident,
  • When I bullied you 24/7, it wasn't the same, is it then?

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