Battles  lil_clum-z vs AtlasRF


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This battle ended in a tie.


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  • Have fun tryna make a comeback
  • have fun tryna have sex with a dick like a thumb tack
  • Prolly spend yo day sitten watching pornhub
  • I am so hungry look for milfs like its grubhub
  • I found your mom and she is my top hoe
  • she kinda old but still gimme top tho
  • she kinda fishy smell like a flounder
  • but who cares im still gonna pound her
  • Call me lil clum-z cuz i am a klutz
  • tryna fuck the pussy but put it in they butts
  • then i pull out and have yo mom on suck my nuts
  • don't come at me tryna be lyrical, cuz if i have to i will go political
  • build you up break you down like the fucking wall
  • take you out by your knees n make yo bitch ass fall to the ground
  • shut the fuck up ion wanna here sound
  • like honestly how can one be so fucking dumb
  • maybe yo daddy pulled out and you was born off of pre-cum
  • anybody got brains, cuz this bitch really needs sum


  • hell you either know it or you own it
  • i could give you some credit i understand you a little desperate
  • i have lived their once but came back in sores
  • rising from my grave with no remorse
  • getting the sky ready with all storms
  • something gonna hit you hard
  • i dont know what happened somethings in the dark
  • haha wait... thats me i hope your scared
  • i'll hit you down hard this ain't thor shit
  • i once lived in hell now i'm on top at asgard
  • im not like thor he missed once
  • but i have gone in for the kill
  • i got plenty of skill
  • enough to fulfill
  • seeya later bitch

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