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  • Army green Quarintine
  • camouflage for serge
  • assimilation Bogg
  • demonstration
  • jean luke Picard
  • data from
  • TonDux da God
  • inside the insinuator
  • like Meshack telling Abandigo
  • this attire isn't flammable
  • and the fire
  • understandable
  • if my lecter wasnt hannibal
  • My dreads rebound
  • Manimal
  • inside this human animal
  • an entire species of cannibals
  • eating reeeces pieces
  • cause skittles
  • feels like X
  • to this Malcom littles
  • reciting thesis exciting speeches
  • it kind of made me giggle
  • feels like i'm in the garden
  • and i cant stop scoring
  • feels like i'm Jordan vs Kerry Kittles....
  • which is one K away from the Klan
  • ..we cant stay away
  • so we gotta pray for the man
  • I'm Chef and Klay inside the Bay wit a Tan
  • yall should Run to D MC
  • to see what jam master jay was just saying
  • so many passing away
  • Its not just the Pastors
  • some of you bastards are praying
  • sure ,every one wants to get Saved
  • but some of you bastards are playing.
  • But play wit the master
  • and yo time will come faster
  • I'm the WalMart workers laughter
  • saying " this is for the pictures
  • you will never capture..
  • for purchasing our cheap phone.
  • you know it need a card..".
  • look , listen you lil retard
  • ..youre speaking to the Lord.
  • for me..nothings too hard
  • when you're Lil J in any ward
  • .


Attached media not accessible.

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  • Drove back past my mums house, Looked through the window on a reminiscent one
  • Shouldn't have done that,now I'm having flashbacks of the days when I had hectic fun
  • On Super Mario, Donkey Kong I was on my Nintendo all day long
  • I could hear loud shouting downstairs back and forth like ping pong
  • The gift came with a curse,ever since ten years old my head's been gone
  • Now I wanna climb to the top of the Empire State Building just like King Kong
  • I'm feeling like Cassius Clay I'm no heavyweight except the weight of the world on my shoulder
  • I used to be afraid of an older until I put five bullets in a revolver
  • I'll build up your lyrics into a rizzla and blaze them like I was a stoner
  • You might feeling bad and seem like your 6 feet deep but I'm the one standing below ya
  • So damn right I'm taking doors off hinges, I'm running in through the hallway
  • Holding a big boy sword like a Viking but I never been from Norway
  • Anybody comes at me I stick it right in Like I ain't gonna do foreplay
  • I'll make a man bleed so sick so he will look like he bleed Tomato Puree
  • It's your fault I got shot in the back it's also your fault that I'm on a track
  • Imma end it her thats that I put my home town on the fucking map

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