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  • Sick of these no names thinking they can spit fore like they're propane.
  • Most you bitches hide behind your lines, I'm not talking bars I'm talking cocaine
  • Stans in this fucking site can take their life, welcome to my fuckin domain.
  • You can state you're a MC at battling but you arent as good as you proclaim.
  • To clean with this shit, I can spray you with the Axe and chop up with the Mac.
  • You can say I'm mopping the 5K cause I'm to fucking clean with the tracks
  • Its Gene's that you lack, All your tag teams are fuckin wack.
  • Why be in a fucking tourney if your own teammate cant even flow right on a fucking track.
  • I've been hurrying and studying, sipping lean till my lungs are nothing but bubbling.
  • Think you're on the long road to rap, bitch you dont know nothing about struggling
  • Hustling and mumblin, auto killing these bots like I'm a fucking different kind of bumblebee.
  • Might wanna get yaself some antibiotics cause what I fucking spit fucking stings
  • Kick your head across the country, seems like I'm changing your state of mind.
  • Trap you inside a clock for eons and have you go mad till you be running outta time
  • You've lost this battle, might as well grin and bear it.
  • Then I'll bear this Gat, grin and look at ya face and pull the trigger, and fucking tear it
  • I'm the illler killer pointing out your bars that ain't nothin but filler.
  • You must work for Dijiorno's cause you dont know how to deliver
  • Put a gun to ya head and make you pull the trigger so you can end this suffering quicker.
  • Fuck ya sister and frame you, I think you get the picture
  • This rap game's an atom, I'm taking matter into my own hands.
  • Both parents this nigga had must've been both trans
  • Sword fighting each other then blew each other brains out and left this nigga an orphan.
  • I know I'm God but fuck having the whole world in my hands I'd rather rip out this pussy's organs
  • Even If I compared the cost of my poop to you, you would still wouldnt be worth shit
  • Remember when I fucked your mother? We did the big bang better than the Earth Did!
  • Technically wasn't the earth bit you never heard shit
  • Yall claiming bloods and crips just wait till you get on my turf kids!
  • Sad that your little songs didnt get feedback you need? This ain't G Mod get off of the prop hunt
  • If you gon try and kill me in this verse, you better hope you get the job done
  • Ya moms dumb. Claiming you're the bomb more than Osams son
  • I hate being alone, that's when I went and killed your mom's bum
  • I'm tamed? Not. My veins pop, your so called buddies will only be with you once your so called fame drops
  • Got the same props, from those dang cocks. Better brace yourself cause I'm gonna reposition your mouth like I'm an Orthodont
  • No need to taunt, I only haunt. Not only fucking your mouth but your fucking aunt
  • Your just another cunt, that's not being an ass thats just me being up front


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  • // My Truck Broke down this week. Ya'll know who it is....//
  • // Hook//
  • Yeah, so it's me, my self and I/ I'm in it for the fight/
  • I dont need no help, I'm in it to ignite/
  • Dont wanna mess with me, It's true, I aint no liar/
  • All these boys keep tryin' to get a piece of my fire/(X2)
  • //Verse 1//
  • So I been killin it longer than half these spitters, I'm sure/
  • The way these lackies sportin cackies, they look like they stuntin' for
  • sport/ But you gonna front wid me, then I'll pull up in a Porsche/ It's okay
  • with me man, you know I'm ready for a war/
  • So all these lil rainbow braided, Lil Nas X rappers claimin' they/ Ridin' on
  • a horse, but man, you aint gon find the time of day/ And Old Town
  • road done sold, but it aint country, thats for sure to say/ But Lil Nas aint
  • country, But I'm Hungry and I'm here to stay/
  • So I'm warnin man dont mess with me/ Like up church, Skillshot, kill-fully/
  • Oops, I meant kill Shot Skillfully/ Yeah I hope we can agree/ I'll take over
  • this industry/ Me and Nas will disagree/ Shit gon get ugly physically/
  • When I'm on this killing spree/
  • I'll aim at every body, no they dont want be I'm sure of it/ Messin wid me,
  • cost yo life, cuz out the door these bullets rip/ I keep it country, if I roll I'll
  • leave the bar tender a tip/ Like this flow I'm spittin', They want the fire, well
  • they'll get a sip/
  • // Hook//
  • Yeah, so it's me, my self and I/ I'm in it for the fight/
  • I dont need no help, I'm in it to ignite/
  • Dont wanna mess with me, It's true, I aint no liar/
  • All these boys keep tryin' to get a piece of my fire/(X2)

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