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  • i'm curb stomping ya to bust ya brain, you watch me like a perv watching the kid to bust the brain
  • you talking like a pedo with the deep voice and a mini van deployed, I was rubbed the wrong way
  • All day I was thinking of this match, but you never had the tinder to spark even a sliver of flames when spitting them bars
  • I trigger to aim my mission is killing, Kennedy, F to this john, when your presidency is eventually gone
  • it's crazy when It's the norm, man gets the ho tells her go when he masturbates
  • He gon spray like lactation, by the end he lacks the taste to make out with any chick even if they asked him, aye
  • He that afraid I guess he lacks a traction to any bitch so he can never penetrate her ass and say
  • Shit was so good had to turn to God and attend a little church on the latter day
  • You so white favorite flavor of ice cream is vanilla ice,
  • worry to much on the meth od and lines so he never developed a way to spit it right
  • i bet you fucking anti civil rights, only way he like to hang to is to get rid of the dark with Christmas lights
  • you hang with ornaments, you staged this tournament, get beat when you pulling strings,
  • like when Jaime dated Rachel the day after the same dame deported him
  • but you slow to get with girls you can't even speed that up gay raping an anal orifice of the fastest racing tortoises
  • how does your sound get partially worse and you decline in writing to the point where you can never write a quality verse
  • gotta be honest with you, know this probably hurts, why this wannabe constantly getting bodied and merked
  • i mean jeez not even old godly is worse than your entire body of work,
  • why you copy and paste punchlines you just copied your verse,
  • "Initially all my battles R W's" that was a direct quote from months ago
  • so how the hell you gonna explain losing against joe you fucking joke


Attached media not accessible.

The owner took it down or changed the settings to private.

  • (I know the recording says 2:11, but that includes intro and outro, don’t worry)
  • One dark and stormy night, from the old graveyard, out walks a corpse
  • It makes another 2 view Youtube video called, “Thanks for all the support!”
  • That discord server can’t save you from this gory murder even though they pretty much wrote all ya battle lines
  • “Thank you Omega, this is so cool! I just used multi syllabic rhymes over a thousand times!”
  • If the things that y’all say rub me the wrong way I bring the heat that’s sun tannin lotion
  • Y’all remember when Vine was a thing? So this is what happened to Branden Bowen
  • But I’m a boy with the mind of an animal the comic got shit gettin graphic it’s Calvin and Hobbes
  • You wanna beef but you buns this when the casket gets dropped let’s get it poppin face the music I put JAC in a box
  • Some corny kid who cares too much bout this swagger JACker! JAC would get jacked but he got nothin
  • Got em up against the wall when I speak with the hands cause you just livin in the shadow of the puppet
  • I ain’t tryna play a lad in this kid’s film it’s all this song and dance to hide the truth you Prince Ali
  • Leave this kid’s ass beat can’t get past me it’s time to give up even though you look like Rick Astley
  • I was the young OG battler first for JAC this status is too out of reach
  • I hear you just turned 13 bitch I was rappin before you knew how to read
  • Son you’ve never shone rays the master shut em out like Star Wars episode 8 cause ya pen ain’t so great
  • You know everybody will use fat jokes against you, how come ya bars still never hold weight?
  • This fucker sends other men toe pics on Discord, but ya face is somethin you can never show again
  • Fuck that fetish with you and Claimz go toe to toe with me and I’m walkin all over em
  • Look at these fuckin rhymes you wrote with the pen...what you need is a life, a home, and some friends
  • Take out the accent and I’m battlin 1729 all over again!
  • When I look at you, I immediately think “rapper” I hear Knuck if you Buck playin in my head
  • Stab em with a bayonette then hit up ya bae over the net then I’m takin her to bed
  • “I think there’s a 50/50 chance that I win” man shut ya dumb ass up when I walk all over em he bout to run
  • You even end verses by sayin ya tell me, who did you get that one from?

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