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  • This isn't to attack you,
  • Don't let nothin' I say stick like glue,
  • I don't wanna hear how you girl left you for another guy,
  • I don't wanna hear how it made you wanna die,
  • Don't wanna hear how it made you cry,
  • Don't wanna hear how you think you're fly,
  • Don't wanna hear how your boys got your back,
  • Your boys prolly just gonna leave when you need them most,
  • I don't wanna hear a toast,
  • Less it's to your dead body,
  • Layin by my winter coat,


  • This bitch wants to be a lyricist,
  • While he gives to spaces when he spits his shit
  • He's scared of even love rappers, bitch you hear that?
  • You tryna slay the game leave it battered,
  • While a blind rap is what you do first battle?
  • He doesn't want me to follow him, he's scared,
  • Ever heard of a thug who's white with blond hair,
  • In the rap world? Go fap girl,
  • [Imma dial my phone, call up the ambulance for you,
  • Those dead bodies died after hearin' you continue,](read his lyricalistic)
  • To rap, and who the fuck told you, that you lyricalistic?
  • What kinda fuckin word is that, you wanna rap,
  • With lyrics? Fix your childish vocab,
  • [Now all these fake lyricists who wanna stand out,
  • From these emo fuckos who take MACs out,](many lyricists these days do lyrics to look unique from mumble rap)
  • Sayin' they creep in Jeeps, but can't get the flash out,
  • Get their asses kicked, these the fucks who gang out?
  • Old thugs is dead, these fucks are fucked in the head,
  • And Lee tries to look like he can get a bitch spread,
  • By sayin shit faker than whatever Benzino said
  • Peace to Michael Lee

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