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  • I asked your mom last night
  • Said “You got a child?”
  • Guess what she said
  • Last night as you lay in bed
  • “I ain’t got no kid”
  • Oh, you know it
  • Nobody likes it
  • The fact that you exist
  • Should be kept away in the mist
  • You always miss
  • You’ve lost your chance
  • Go around to prance
  • Like the little monster you are
  • Bars, bars, bars
  • Are what I spit
  • Lit, lit, lit
  • Is what I am
  • You’re a faded figure
  • A ghost of your former self
  • Everytime you rap
  • It’s like nobody listens
  • You’re like a dead meme
  • Can’t even form a scheme
  • So here are my last words to you
  • Little old castaway
  • Never come back
  • Or you’ll be greeted with a smack
  • And one last word:
  • Goodbye.


  • Can you please tell me why you puttin a mask on
  • Can you see that im takin my mask off
  • Or are you a bit too illiterate
  • Can you even understand me
  • probbaly not man, bang your girl in Japan
  • dang how that be feelin
  • I be on the top just drilling
  • Im somehow living with all the ops on me
  • Dodging these bullets cause im the purest
  • We be trappin but you still cappin
  • All these birds in the trap feelin like Travis Scott
  • Whilst you're like a mop
  • We use you to clean up trash like yourself
  • I got unlimited health
  • Flyer than Goku
  • You know who
  • Kung fu chopping it up like fugu
  • Poison in my veins could be injurious
  • Im faster and furious
  • Your girl she be curious and guess what find?
  • Oh never mind
  • Tequila and lime I be sippin that all night

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