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2v2 tourney round one

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  • TheRealCain
  • Sorry Maverick for the inconvenience, I was just horsingaround/ putting shots down/,
  • how is it that I’m a cowboy,but your reppin Dallas now?/
  • I got the hick but you took yourName from my genre/
  • See all these lines are a setup..that’s an entendre/ 
  • I’ll show him a true Maverick, pull up in your namesake and Put your body in the back/
  • I get more pussy than ClintonHad/ you want war, well I’m bringing it like Stalingrad/ 
  • Maverick lost to an underdog, Flyin high but then got beat down,I call that a “soar loser”/
  • You wanna be a leader(liter) but it ain’t Your “cup” of tea, I’m what’s “IT” like I’m from the sewer/
  • Tekneek
  • As I ame down the sights and gun down ame
  • I figure this nigga ain't as good as he claims
  • Can't carry my verse, I dont have to lean on the Cain
  • Take this energy and drink his blood and make it reign
  • I'm sick of this no name thinking he can spit fire like hes propane
  • Hides behind his lines and thinks they're good, hed be better of sniffing cocaine
  • Lost to Baghead a few times, and he blames it on the alts
  • It's not that it's that you're bars dont hit right like a broken into vault
  • Carried by a Maverick, us losing? Nah I ain't having it
  • You can't keep up with what I'm cooking so you might as well stay up in the cabinet


  • Ame:
  • Aiight, I'm about to target missiles at these harmless fruits with starter pistols
  • Ya'll not offical, this a gun fight and you rape victims fuckin brought a whistle?
  • Can't run with me, y'all ain't got the stamina yet and goddamnit ya next
  • I'm poundin' you tools, cockin' back when I'm puttin' the hammer to Tek
  • He's a dumpster juice leak, news flash, you're spittin' nothin' new chief
  • You can go against the grain, be one of a kind, still no individuals fuck with U-Neek (unique)
  • The truths bleek, y'alls fables instill shame, you just play your cards the table is still Ame's
  • Bar flips of biblical proportions, provin' that Mav and I are Abel to kill Cain
  • Jesus Christ I'm nice..enough with ya joke threads, here's where ya hope ends
  • I'm gonna have Cain stretched out worse than 2 grams split between 6 coke heads
  • Mav:
  • Issa double-homi so we share them...but if I were doing this handicapped it'd be a walk in the park with CaneTech..
  • From this vantage point? I can tell in advance we have the advantage to advance cuz they're fodder food
  • We're animals with more technique than if you combined the two,
  • Cain's structure got me all confused, like the same thing he's been begging me to do for years... I can't follow you
  • No one could, no one should..Tek I fathered you, you're not winning here, scratch this offspring and serial
  • I came in like a meteor and brought you with but for the anyone who sees tektite he's just rocky material
  • Unimportant, like Cain coming forth as a Trump supportive or Tek crying in his latest poems
  • No one cares to know it. Crazy both their names are known to make commotion raising notice straight before they go chokin'...
  • Brainless boys, can't tell where either Cain's trailer trash mustache OR Tek's hairline goin'... Call em brainless boys cuz,
  • The 'Real Cain' is nothing more than a brick of baking soda while Tekneek is the one stupid enough to be paying for it

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