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time to get in my casket.

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  • Even if you're a psycho/saikou, you're not even close to being highest
  • This sociopath is a med user/medusa but he's the stoned at its finest
  • He's about to turn a sky spirit if he messes with the high risk
  • Got bodied by a one eye, no wonder he's a psychic
  • Pump it/Puppet, you're black eyed but I can beat you blinded
  • You play Caypa/K Pop and dance, you stayed true to the kard/card
  • You ain't lit even if you learned from your mistakes with Joan of Arc
  • With your simp bars/simba but bitch you only getting scarred
  • Your little musical notes is your suicide note but this is just a start
  • Need an app steem/epistein? Didn't kill himself but you just did
  • So you can rest your throat when the dust is bit
  • But when the incinerator is lit, you wont have a place to live
  • You try to take up shots but in reality, got bodied when Neo spits
  • Like fun in the snow, you cross the line, better zip it
  • Your hope is throne/thrown out of the window, no ressurection shit
  • I'm used to catching a body when I see a brain buster risen
  • When your fall is your finish, you're actin' all driven
  • So get back like what happened to Abraham Lincoln
  • But in the end of it, I'm just chillin' like a villain
  • bruh


  • Opponents like this are just disrespectful if I gotta battle you I hope you sent some money
  • This battle is like yo mom with her clothes off cause now this body gettin ugly
  • You can’t even diss ya opponents all those bars and you ain’t direct with nothin
  • No wonder they call em cryptic that shit could apply to anybody
  • If you givin em a show it’s the Teletubbies shine above em while this kid got his head in the clouds
  • This who I gotta battle? Haha, very funny! I already killed em I’m ready to bounce
  • I’ve walked over heavy amounts of enemy grounds actin like you can win you stay pretendin
  • CA you makin me borderline cross but I’m from CA I know all those around me in a state of envy/NV
  • You as plain as it gets can’t even change up ya pic but I bet you think this site will make you famous and shit
  • Ain’t no way you could win I always take out what I see/I C now Cryptic headed straight to the crypt
  • The words that you spit in each verse always shit can’t assert dominance in the place where I leave corpses
  • Can’t beat the puppet so please forfeit, ya written “album” called Dark Moon cause you always seem to reach for it
  • It will be front page news the way I put em in a box with the words I’m playin games of sudoku
  • You so desperate to battle me when you and BZ still duckin Atreus and Kazoku
  • And on my wall you even said “even tho I might get fucked wanna battle PP?” even you faced the truth, also PAUSE
  • Probably say shit like “super duper” and “awesome sauce” but I got a record of scratchin y’all out I’m Marley Marl
  • Always coppin some feels only time you ever walked out with a bag was after shoppin for heels in a shoppin mall
  • You only do writtens but I could smoke em on the mic off the top cause I’m fire with the bars I’m a molotov
  • Y’all already know he got his head in the clouds now the sky is fallin this is Chicken Little
  • Maybe we can get you some help if we all give a little but for shizzle dizzle I just left Crytic crippled

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