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  • Why do u even try, Eye for an Eye,
  • I would rather die, if I ever write dead lines as yours,
  • In my building there are no floors,
  • I drop u indoors, u're falling in my horrors.
  • Cruise on a horse, with the feeling that u're in a Rolls,
  • order some Sex Dolls, for u n your holes.
  • I heard your balls are attached to your nose,
  • n I'm dissin' u this deep for no cause,
  • with no purpose as well, try touchin' your toes to your jaws.
  • I neglect laws, eatin' dicks as chicken rolls,
  • r your best abilities, pose on a magazine showin' your titties.
  • Coz u're a female, show your genitals providin' utilities.
  • I wish u to sleep well, after my tales in these empty facilities.
  • Your capabilities, are lacking, u're disappearin' in my rappin'.
  • The possibilities you to stop me are underground in, a shelter.
  • U need a helper, to finish your text, write to your ghostwritter a letter.
  • N better let him know this time,
  • that Gucci leather, ain't gonna get you this battle, it's mine.
  • Sign as new customer n start buyin'.
  • I'm flyin', u shoud be a guest, how come u're replyin'.
  • I know you pussy ass cunts, love shittin' your guts cryin'.
  • I'm dyin' to rip you, lyrically, no complyin'
  • spiritually why am I in my own game playin'?
  • Where my toys at? Why am I still hangin' the phone,
  • drone can't record my voice, I am a moron, relyin' on a stone.
  • Gone, if I vanish, I'll still be diggin' in this language,'
  • findin' words n matchin' em in an outlandish way.
  • I can't land, so much shit I can say,
  • u might as well start to pray. Coz I'am just about to start to play.
  • Hey, if the sky is dark grey, I'am on the clouds
  • pounds of the clay, the sounds that I obey to.
  • I stay true, don't wanna slave you,
  • but u're offering it, can't say i hate u.
  • I just met u, offer me a drink,
  • n I might not use your blood as my ink!


  • //hook X2
  • This is a
  • Late term abortion
  • 12 year old fetus malformed and
  • scrape and contort em
  • taking his organs
  • //Verse
  • Honest trust, obvious, y’all are just not enough the youth lost it’s touch.
  • Not built strong enough, Mumble rapping like y’all are tough.
  • Mumble at me ima stomp you rough! Gotta polish buff-
  • the whole populace stall and bust fall to rust like “in god we trust!”
  • This is hand grenade spray shrapnel. You can’t escape ain’t Chapo.
  • Those cannons blaze they salvo. This a run or hide don’t stand in place paced battle.
  • If you cannot aim stay back home. Issues manic rage slay assholes.
  • Slam the cage they rattled. Camo shape fake shadows.
  • There now taste blade- slash throats! This is how fucking Rambo makes flame arrows.
  • Decorate my house with bone and marrow make a candle from ya tallow
  • a hat rack from ya back bone and there now we feel at home!
  • Homie it’s useless your better off. You look about like the loneliest human I ever saw-
  • we need a family reunion all of y’all hanging off my wall.
  • Talk is small so let’s drop the squall ima follow y’all
  • stalk and crawl blood bath wall to wall music like a monsters ball.
  • Tell your ma and pa at night lock the door I’m already in the room that you walking toward!

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