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  • My hands hit harder as I sweat, like Bakugo, fist after fist, I'll Mike Tyson this hoe
  • Came with the steel, like Gajeel, but this bitch can't come close
  • I'll snipe you from a mile away, nah fuck that, I'll run up and backhand your fucking daughter
  • Zip the bodybag up for her slaughter, then throw the bag into the ocean water
  • I'll throatfuck your baby mama in front of your mama, blow up on the track like Osama
  • Fuck the whole country at once, call me Obama, mess with your mental state
  • Like a fucking fifth of vodka, but we aren't on the same level, are we?
  • You rap about slaying gangs, and then praise god in the end
  • I slay a gang for a small percent, and I don't mean cash, I mean respect
  • Cause some of us don't want the money, fuck a deniro,a dollar,a peso
  • Fans will see me all over the sky like a fucking rainbow, Amaterasu
  • These flames come out of my eyes when I look at the page, and this steel rips through you
  • Like my name was pain, were not on the same level, I'm an Hokage and your Krillin
  • I'm like Jay Z, and your like Melly, cause you barely got the rounds off
  • Before you were hauled off, and had more white people hating you than the Holocaust
  • So, I'll sit back and watch behind the corner with a revolver cocked
  • Cause if shit goes down, we can turn to the wild west, I can be your Huckleberry
  • But your just a fish in a small pond, if I cut your Finn off then you can't do shit
  • My rounds will kill you over time like a dog with chocolate, wig split
  • Like a bad salon worker, I'll cover his meat with red like a fucking cheeseburger
  • Then dump the burner after the murder, walk up to your bitch and comfort her
  • Then throatfuck her under the comforter, I'm the new phenomenon on this battle scene


  • Killing these rappers
  • Smacking these rappers
  • Im ready already on time
  • Ready to rhyme this is my time to shine
  • This is my time to climb
  • This is my life
  • Filled with the stress
  • Filled with the strife
  • Up in The mountains Ill climb
  • Spitting tens of thousands of rhymes
  • This is my right over lines
  • Lines over lines
  • Im one of a kind
  • Leaving rappers behind
  • Im inclined these rappers declined
  • rappers resigned because i made them blind
  • Keeping my skate board keeping my watch
  • Releasing my glock like I'm releasing my thoughts
  • on my grind always on time
  • I'm in my prime I'm In my mind commiting crime
  • Admitting I'm Spitting o so old like aged wine
  • My lyrics intertwine so fine artistic design all mine

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