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Recorded. No Limit of Verses. I wanna prove I’m one of the best artists at recording on this site lol. Any hoo, good luck.

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  • What if I told you that I'm out here battling' my demons?
  • There's some things that you'll never understand,
  • Like how most people where I'm from don't understand you
  • Like how most black boy joy get destroyed,
  • That's by the same system you went to for the award
  • There's little girls without they father, ain't got no mama
  • There sons that lookin up to they papa
  • Cause he just want the highest honor
  • Well, Hello, Your Honor, I know the lines blurred
  • I'm just a victim to a story missing my words
  • What if I told you that I was kind of different
  • And me not loving you for who you are now
  • It wasn't exactly my intension
  • If I told you I was prolific, would you believe me
  • Or find it in your heart to receive me?
  • If I told you I'm not this way and I like boys
  • Could you still look me in my face
  • And would you say some things to make me run away
  • Would you tell me that I'm sinning, This ain't God's work
  • Baby, You ain't living...
  • If I turn suicidal, When I slit my wrists
  • All on your Holy Bible, Would you turn your back
  • Or would you hold me tighter
  • If I'm laying in the hearse, would you cry because I'd never wore a skirt
  • Or you be mad because I didn't tell you first?

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