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  • Rollin deep in a Jeep
  • Creepin where sleep
  • U is soft little bo peep
  • Knock yo ass out have u countin sheep
  • Rollin deep in a Jeep I know where u sleep
  • Sneakin round yo crib roud a corner I'ma peep
  • U in yo bed u is asleep
  • Give u thirty yo head now u forever sleep


  • So, another kid who's new to the site wants a bodybag, well bitch you can dragged
  • Like a hood bitch with a weave, and we can go punch for punch
  • I'll knock you out with an uppercut, like Johnny Cage, so no wonder your bitch
  • Said I'm an A lister, I'm the type of savage to throatfuck your sister
  • Than backhand your mom, I come with more fucking rounds than Vietnam
  • And light you on fire like some napalm, bullets will fly across the field
  • Call me Jake Fromm, isn't that insane, how he can flip words around like that?
  • Nah, bitch, he's another rapper using a fucking act, he doesn't pop rounds or shoot shells
  • He sits at home jerking off to Mia Khalifa, and his little pussy gets wetter than Katrina
  • I'll slice this kid up like some Pizza, and then hit him so hard he'll have fucking amnesia
  • Are you a blood, crip, or a mixture of both, cause you can't have both
  • We aren't talking about rum and coke, my bars are solid like some fucking oak
  • You wanna fight?, this right will fuck you up quicker than OJ's court case
  • But, if the glove fits wear it, cause I'll murder this bitch just for the fame
  • Then I'll proclaim that I'm the real "gangster", but I'm just another white kid
  • I don't know about letting nines clap, but I do know about having brother get killed with a strap
  • And having to tell my friends that he's in a better place
  • So if you wanna talk shit, say it to my face, you'll get hit by dudes that look the same, Agent Smith

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