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Battle rap. Gloves off shit. Writtens only.

Max of 32 lines


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  • Stay stuck all day like stop light. Y’all sky high fly? Try top flight. A cell of a place locked tight. All fucked. Get em wetter than log rides.
  • Here to tell her wrongs right and if the holy have visions call em cross eyed. Jehovah witness come he better knock light or bend over get hog tied witless from on high.
  • No proof of real gods in the spot light if He tell me otherwise holy moly I guess God lied. No enemies when dogs fight just hungry and got bite against the world of rot blight.
  • Appalled eyes all wide y’all better get lost hide or be all types of on the wrong side. Feel small like ya dropped size I’m like alcohol to germs killing em on site
  • So concise like a poet wrote. I hold your attention like you hold the phone. Everybody glasses down- hold the toast Ima clown this wanna be MC like he told a joke.
  • You in the presence of growner folks and Ima show em what a soldier know. You think you spit ice my spigot got colder flows matter-of-fact just-so-you-know.
  • Starve Peter so Paul can overdoes the world is all comatose. Hold ya votes it’s rigged they got a social quote. Just another vocal pope selling soldiers hope but can’t hold a note missing all shots like rope-a-dope.
  • Intellectualism turned into the grossest joke for broker folks raped cause they can’t hold the soap. Fuck your mind until your dome is broke smell the aroma smoke wake up and find you never chose to cope.
  • Now you see how a ghost smile. Stare into your own see your hope die out. A grown child the most wild with slow styles to go miles.
  • A stone pile marks where his bones were thrown after they put him on trial. Look him up and theirs no file social security card or legal place of domicile.
  • A vagabond out to harm fast he’s on and past alarms. Detach your arms head legs and toss em past the farms.
  • Saturated in bacon grease so the local beasts gnash apart. They’ll lick the bones clean that’s how the Master starts.
  • Climb Olympus to slay Zeus. Screwed hades when he made moves. Drowned Jesus(hey-Zeus) and Poseidon didn’t mind or say boo. Give you a burden so make proof.
  • Here’s your dose of reality take two this aint a movie fable. It’s an arrow only one shot so stay true. Better hit em like Cain do Abel.
  • Keep horsing around bastard and maybe I’ll make glue. Like a spastic baby I’ll shake you. Don’t rattle a manics cage he’ll break through. Crash in- fingers in eyes like I’m pointing to blame you.
  • Cut open your skull to see what your brain do cause I can’t seem to tell from this angle it’s strange dude. You’ll be quiet once my blade soothes. Lay your head down... no one to mother fucking pray to.


  • You must be worried
  • I shoot your gang up
  • Do it with speed
  • I cant wait for your plead
  • I can see you bleed
  • Still doing the weed
  • Your wife worried
  • Oh wait
  • You dont have one
  • Shoot em with the gun
  • Shoot the choppa with precision
  • I know how to run
  • Yes
  • I ran from prison
  • This is 2020 man
  • Should have perfect vision
  • I see me as the hero
  • Why you see me as a villan
  • Yeah
  • Im a killer
  • Yeah im worse than hitler
  • Yeah im so sinister
  • Thats the end i guess
  • Amen
  • Praise jesus all

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