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  • Atreus made me his acquaintance when he stated this:
  • You have claimed to spit disdain and diss with all who say they can
  • Beat you, so I bequeath you a sheet full of complete rules:
  • To secure a victory, and out spit me, you need to fit between
  • the boundary of 20 to the median of 23, this coming from the kid:
  • Who composed Endless dreams, as his first overture to explode on the scene,
  • Which needs fixing, see as written, he rhythmically fit three different sequences
  • Of lines with the same rhyme, coming three times, each time with different prefixes.
  • I see that since we just met, I can't go after you just yet, but I can create some structure when
  • I say that the winner must be, the most lyrical of we, and Endless Dreams, should
  • have ended your siege, on the fortress of lyrical steeds, probably headed clean on
  • to fulfill his phonetical needs, credit though to being able to get words from
  • a machine, I'm better with rap, so in CPAP I could have written that in my sleep.
  • Damn, I read Endless Dreams is about Kingdoms, and see that I start speaking about fortresses
  • and sieges. The other inspiration I glean from my reading is not to ever consult thee for features.
  • It's not hate, nothing personal, just a game of play with words, and I hate to push your mutton,
  • but you engaged the bull, to run in full frontal force, its business, and I am Bizzy learned,
  • Grew up listening to Slim, for the record, it's him who is the origin of my lexicon
  • of great expanse in this world. If it was personal, I'd speak on things I didn't know,
  • But I only shit on, what stinks that I can throw, and this stops the bussing on, his ability
  • to perform, on a level equivalent to the spitting notch, where I work.
  • Speaking on the subject matter of dreams, that rap Broken glass Broken Dreams,
  • was ass more so than it some, the whole album was I didn't take the forty-minute read,
  • Of course cause I think there's things more important than beating, you
  • even though you'll deplore the votes for in favor and support of me.


  • Don´t Play right/wright entrance tested show you how I ACT
  • The mathematics of impact the numbers an science of a skull cracked
  • In fact reading this is your eulogy exact the english is packed
  • I read that verse this how I react:
  • I see that vocabulary mask now I ask do you do this to cover the non-existent punchlines ?
  • No need for a PET Scan to see this Colorful mind
  • Your chances are Slim bust a synonym like concrete to a skinned knee /Skinny
  • You gettin a Victory? Nah bout to show you this Infinite misery
  • I am The Monster quite bitterly you can say Im Godzilla Inwardly
  • Don´t seek mercy I don´t got a Guilty Conscience Throw it back snappin Berserk
  • This guys easy work round two would be an Encore performance so shirk
  • Again battlin this playwright who jus shakes spears like a neanderthal
  • Even a chickens scratch is better than what you scrawl
  • This aint a close call the way I play ain´t right but I act then the penmanship gives impact
  • Like a Bulletin board everything you write is in Tact its a battle not a poet convention
  • Show actual agression this shit´ll cause Endless dreams n Endless Schemes so stand ta attention
  • Make them punchlines have connection not have em end like an open ended question
  • This is a quick lesson to a Childs fevered imagination Tom Holland I swear I don´t play Ight
  • Take the w outta wright you know Im right like an African American in the KKK play white
  • This was a simple fight but notes stack lines connect punchlines after that quite easily I may grant another fight

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