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  • playin with glocks shot shoots bitch im spraying kill everybody don't care
  • what you saying he got on his knees and then he start praying i shoot every
  • body i shoot were you layin just like a knight i be in there slaying
  • when i hop on the track i go super saiyan i hop out the jet then i hop in
  • the plane he talking some shit sends shoots at his brain im like a dog yeah
  • i cannot be tamed im chasing my dreams im running towards fame youl
  • niggas not cold as me so stay in your lain he got shoot in his knee kow he
  • walk with a cane im realy wit shit so yo bitch on my main bullet proth vest
  • and it came with a chain living my life i dont do it in vain if you talking
  • some shit then you ass gonna get slain


  • My rhymes will leave you slumped over in defeat
  • Too weak to speak or sweep the flies off your cheek
  • Now have a seat, Here's a blank sheet
  • Write your last words since you can no longer compete
  • Nothings matters before the pandemic
  • I got the cure for the illness
  • But keep it secret like a mad chemist
  • I keep dropping there teeth im a bad dentist
  • The first victim will be the last witness
  • Trilluminatii, Fibonacci the devil's mathematician
  • Your verse is a rendition based on fiction
  • When you was really sniffing and smoking base in the kitchen
  • Heads will be placed on steaks, its my sacred tradition
  • Ill take you fakes to a place called the fourth dimension
  • My sources are forbidden you and your family corpses getting hidden
  • I had to show the goat rico that he's really a chicken
  • I wrote this in minutes you know my lines always on scrimmage
  • Its a pandemic so i just scoped him from a distance
  • Im better than him by a large distance
  • The king of quick dissing find him fishing after lockdown
  • Rico not paid in full fuck the flag ill just slay the bull

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