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  • Intro:
  • How did this happen?
  • I need to find a way out of this
  • Verse 1
  • I’ve got eyes of the wild
  • I could make a file
  • This is my dirt silo
  • My niggas are a poker face
  • This is a scary thing you’d not wanna face
  • Bring down the future, Make it show grace
  • Gimme the word, My choking face
  • These are the tracks of the trace
  • Hooked up with a chick
  • Eyes of the wild
  • Made him the worst
  • Godzilla made me burst
  • Wedding Nights, Ain’t my church
  • It’s my chair, my porch
  • Swinging my ass around the park
  • Maybe a tree bark, Is it dark?
  • Chorus
  • I’ve got eyes of wild, Eyes of the wild
  • Verse 2
  • Read my eyes of the dark
  • This is a childish place to be
  • I have eyes, all in Black and White, what do you SEE
  • I need IIIWordz, I need no shit to say, I’m a Psycho Puppet
  • I’m a heavy Storm
  • I’m the supreme lord of darkness
  • Kids don’t do shit with a muppet
  • Let’s do it, fuck it
  • You’se a basic bitch, This bitch does alt shit
  • The Lord is a trickster
  • Gum’s stuck to your tooth like a saber tooth tiger
  • Give it a yeet, I’m the triple illuminati
  • Bad bitch like me, I have Bad Blood
  • Straight in the front of hood shit
  • That was a good hit..
  • I need food to survive..
  • I’m gonna hunt, kill, thrive
  • Front of all the shit
  • Chorus
  • I’ve got eyes of the wild, eyes of the wild
  • Short Verse 3
  • Shawty, do you have something to use
  • Run, Ride, and fuse
  • I’m slower then an Beetle
  • Ban my Desert Eagle
  • My AK-47
  • Shut up, what’s wrong
  • I’m in China, with my gong
  • Shawty can’t fuck wit me
  • I’m form the gang, gang
  • Gimme a Bang-Bang


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  • That open challenge showed me you had no damn talent but I’ll rebuttal that song in a minute
  • But first and foremost I wanna address you and ya whole little army of bitches
  • That bio must be satire quit actin like you rap fire you mention Lyric Lee and say he “owns ya”
  • PAUSE and ya life ain’t hard as a rock you just took shit for granite and never faced nothin that made you boulder
  • You drink semen flavored soda when I put em in a box and cross em out ya days are over
  • I made the blueprint you could say I’m Hova only time you got bars is when ya pops ain’t so sober
  • The fact that you in several internet gangs gets me all intimidated but even they thought you were whack
  • Can’t rap without ya homies behind you no wonder ya pic is a wolf you always just follow the pack
  • I couldn’t possibly say you could rap I mean you ain’t even record the puppet really do this shit
  • You told me “It’s time, I’m gonna try to do a battle with you” but ya final boss ain’t even know who this is
  • But now that we battlin you gonna try to tell I’m whack that’s a nice effort tryna backtrack
  • Or for you I guess I should say back written poem so we gonna see who has the last laugh
  • Alright with that said now let’s move onto ya “song” I agree with that intro on ya track
  • Cause I have no idea how this happened but you need to find a way outta this bodybag
  • If you got eyes of the wild my ears must be wild too cause outta ya mouth I heard my name
  • “I could make a file” well let’s unearth ya grave and you can make the police file for ya murder case
  • You can’t hurt me so fuck a dirt silo you gettin done dirty when I put em in the ground for a big check
  • You ain’t got no poker face I got an ace up my sleeve so play ya cards right before you get decked
  • So let’s see you bring down the future when I’m movin past ya and movin up
  • Talkin bout ya “chokin face” that’s when you get deep throated by Deep Noise and you get sucked
  • Can’t fuckin rhyme and you never even touched a mic so how can you say “the tracks of the trace?”
  • When you never left a trace of ya tracks, only hooked up with an actual chick and she squawked in ya face
  • Don’t blame the eyes of the wild you were already the worst at this with all that you said
  • Godzilla made you burst? PAUSE again! I never knew you were such a monster in bed!
  • Ain’t no wedding nights in ya church cause you never had a woman in ya life and you ain’t got no dick
  • And technically that chair and porch belong to the church and with what you got even hookers wouldn’t bite, go fish!
  • Swingin ya ass around the park? Don’t make me swing on YOU I got the bars to bring ya down that’s a see saw
  • Talkin bout tree bark you barkin up the wrong tree and to answer ya question, yes, inside ya casket it’s dark
  • And that chorus is too repetitive I’m smokin em it should be illegal to have no substance like that
  • It’s straight up just “eyes of the wild” over and over I ain’t tryna hear shit bout “the puppet is whack!”
  • I spit nothin but facts you in hot water now but you just watered my style down you ain’t droppin heat
  • Ya little eyes of the dark can’t speak so why are they somethin I would wanna read?
  • If it’s a “childish place to be” it’s cause I’m separatin men from boys don’t even talk to me
  • Let me tell you what I SEE “I’m a Psycho Puppet” even you admit you just a wannabe
  • Callin ya self a heavy storm but you never seem to strike me as electric with it
  • You gettin dogwalked cause a dog walk is the only time you gettin bitches
  • First it’s “Don’t do shit with a puppet” then “Let’s do it, fuck it” that’s so pauseworthy
  • Besides you ain’t deserve me but I guess it’s in the family cause I got ya mom slurpin
  • Even if I did use alts you can always count on Deep Noise Media to help out
  • Only callin the lord a trickster cause you givin into ya self doubt
  • That’s why you keep dissin Ruthless oooh I bet that makes em so upset!
  • Well if you really hate em so much then why are you still so obsessed?
  • Saber tooth tigers never ate gum, at least not to my knowledge, but you bout to be extinct just like em
  • You always been edgy so yeah, “give it a yeet” that’s right son but you gettin beat once I’m done
  • You be tellin people you on some “gangsta shit” like jaywalkin and poppin collars
  • How are you the triple illuminati when you only take one angle and ain’t got no dollars
  • Fuck ya bars that suck you may have got bad blood but face the music you ain’t swift with it
  • You are a dick addict so if you ever met ya “gangs” outside the site you would stick ya dick in em
  • But you are straight in front of the hood shit...dick eater, say hello to the Grim Reaper!
  • I’m known to spit ether stomp em out and beat em with his own gym sneakers
  • “That’s was a good hit” is that what you say when you finished on the dick?
  • You get on top of em on top of it and can’t survive through this apocalypse
  • You NEED to eat dick cause that’s ya food to survive, to hunt kill and thrive on so get a hint
  • Think I’m talkin bout this one thing too much? Don’t be a dick that’s just a taste of ya own medicine
  • But you ain’t even sick with it and you ain’t in front of all the shit you just always frontin
  • Split his melon and make em cry when I turn em to a vegetable like I’m choppin onions
  • I do have somethin to use: pick up a book and learn to actually rap
  • You run ride and fuse with ya leader just a blind sheep who can only attack with the pack
  • Talkin bout a beetle you must be buggin we ain’t birds of a feather he ain’t got no eagle but I’m high above em
  • If you really in China I sincerely hope you get the virus while I bang ya girl like the gong you rhymin stuff with
  • Shawty can’t fuck with you cause we all know you only into other men from the internet
  • So I ain’t tryna give you a “Bang-Bang” quit sayin gang gang when you scared of just my silhouette
  • You opened a chain of dick restaurants, today’s special is “mystery meat”
  • And I need better competition cause Lil TB took little To Beat

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