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  • Hand Da baby his Bib and jibbles
  • as he whispers to the queen, i'm sure you heard of ya ming
  • I'm gonna use him to make the King
  • just shut up and dribble.
  • Nigga .I might not be scared but i nut up a little
  • when her defense is well prepared
  • and i gotta cut up the middle
  • Leon Spinx was some kin to Chinx
  • thru the Sphinx and his riddles
  • I'm traevon
  • wit a bomb
  • you keep thinking its skittles.
  • ya girl told me
  • when i'm winking it wiggles
  • even the ripples on her nipples
  • becomes missles when I whistle
  • and the rounds I fire
  • don't resemble a pistol
  • but its the sound that i admire
  • cause it resembles her sista


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  • really bitch, is that all you got?
  • you think you gonna win, but i think not
  • ill be laughing my way to the top
  • ha ha ha, you just got shot
  • everybody thinks youre a bit of a bot
  • and youre gonna collapse under my onslaught
  • my mum's alive and yours is not
  • cunt, you gotta get in line, so hop
  • your rapping skill aint worth a dime
  • like you write your lyrics while drinking wine
  • now every time you are online
  • ill tell jokes where youre the punchline
  • well i cant brag, rapping's in my bloodline
  • when you start to whine, its my time to shine
  • got an IQ higher than fucking einstein
  • im gonna wipe that bitch right off the timeline
  • im a genie from a lamp, but fuck your wishes
  • this is real life, so its none of your business
  • you cant fall any further, from fucking greatness
  • whilst im driving a lambo, to central vegas
  • i hope your fucking skill isnt contagious
  • dont try to sabotage, because youre jealous
  • all that shit you wrote, it left you breathless
  • cos youre careless, i said you couldnt care less

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