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Battle on March 24 2020


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  • ---lyrics---
  • and i'm dozing through the sky
  • and im living in a dream
  • grazing through the rye
  • all the things are happening
  • sit up in the sky
  • coursing through the lies
  • know that i'm alright
  • i'm in love with the synergy
  • i do it all my life
  • x2
  • crossed that bridge in the same car
  • hide my feelings
  • i been thinking life kinda stellar
  • rip the stars and its dead on drop
  • when i let off shots from the ar
  • hit my heart i'm casualty
  • we not thinking kinda casually
  • when i roam the streets a fatality
  • so i gotta dose my hopes in calamity
  • she sent him hopes got a fiend reeling
  • but he a empty ghost not a damn feeling
  • resent them folks gave a hand healing
  • now i'm the rap god pope what is happening
  • doping drugs not my only means
  • i just gotta a hoe peeping and shes damn flinging
  • so ima rap in the stars while shes gun slinging
  • and when i'm having fun ain't no damn seeking


Attached media not accessible.

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  • Hook:
  • TT, I just blessed the fiends
  • I don't need no press machine
  • I'm seeing pound signs everytime I flick the water
  • Got the best of B, thousands on a next machine
  • Tryna run off on consignment, get you slaughtered
  • Bankrolls, bank-bankrolls, hella VVS' on me
  • Cali weed, promethazine and I keep a weapon on me
  • Took her Dior, bought the store, she on me
  • Flew her abroad, hit it raw, she on me
  • Verse 1:
  • I know they want my soul
  • That's why mummy said don't trust them
  • Got no time for no hoes
  • Just fuck them, don't love them
  • My heart's in fully
  • When it's beef, don't do part time
  • Think I'm running out of luck
  • It feels like I'm on my last life
  • When everybody left
  • Still had my brothers 'cause they stayed too
  • They lying dem man, ain't true
  • It's funny, I see straight through
  • Bro eighteen, he got eighteen
  • Judge just threw that book at him Fuck fame, got all this pain
  • Don't feel the same when I look at him
  • Hook:
  • All the pain in my brother's eyes
  • Take trips to the other side
  • Baking off in them jail cells
  • No sleep, had me up at night
  • I'll ride with S 'til the end
  • Put in work if he's wrong or right
  • Wear different trainers with the skeng
  • I'm prayin' suttin' gets dropped tonight
  • Now we're finding out where he sleeps
  • Slidin' out in them Jeeps
  • I blew ten bags in a week
  • Jad's playin' for keeps
  • Amiri jeans, not Levi's
  • All I wanted was my P's right
  • Got light like street lights
  • Sawed-off, it come knee high
  • Hook:
  • Wishing I was the Youngest, richest from my city
  • Baby, don't ever mistake that
  • Bought a brick of loose, baby
  • Same day, I turn that straight crack
  • All this love for bro
  • If it's a bullet, bro, I'll take that
  • I make thousands with bro
  • And everyday he's still the same man
  • I just poured some codeine, baby, I ain't listenin'
  • I just popped a perc, these ain't vitamins
  • Little boy in the bando, he ain't listenin'
  • Take that pack, I slap that boy, then I'm gettin' rid of him

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