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Battle on January 18 2020


  • I hate chain driving me insane
  • I left my lane just to get a train
  • I pop hennensy and then champagne
  • I lost the Motha fucking election bcoz of my campaign
  • I need to feed my chicken s get me a ceral and a grain
  • I love marijuana added to a cocaine
  • Sulphate + phosphorous gave me phosphate
  • I hate my state when I grade my mate
  • I don't hesitate to appreciate my rate
  • I celebrate whenever I win a debate
  • All my hoes imitate me so I don't concentrate
  • I win all through without nominate
  • We all still talk about big shit
  • When little hoes try to fill pit
  • Anytime I strip a bitch he quit
  • I get treated whenever I commit a bullshit
  • All my haters complicated,they are hypocrites
  • Yeah You hypocrite call on someone fucking counterfeit
  • All fuckers too big i try to depopulate
  • I drink a juice but not a lemonade
  • I try to make an A+ just to be ultimate


  • Im an adapter bars are my appliances I'm power hungry
  • Raps an outlet see I got shock like forkin a plugin agree?
  • Im more Gutsy than a bucket of a thousand seppuku victims
  • Ludicrous wit a flow snap a humerus thats humorous
  • Still I aint pickin a bone if you find me humorless
  • My Bars? Numerous Your Schemes? Tumorous
  • I'll Take a W to prove its Double Not You
  • I Think Im missin one too many screw
  • But you'll choke so hard you'll look like part of the blue man crew

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