Battles  Lil_TB vs TheMadMaster


Written Battle, 30 lines, Diss Opponent

Max of 31 lines


TheMadMaster won this battle!


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  • Motherfucker, I’m pulling the trigger, That’s me and her, Well she is bigger
  • Two motherfuckers like bringing home the gold, I’m young and gold, I’m some of that spaz time, I’m some of Chaz’s Time
  • Smash that Laptopwhile you Bring down the homie with a loud BOP like he’s some greatful bitch.
  • Can he respond to that soundand can he respond to the wolf’s hound, while you respond to the crowned.
  • I’m pulling out niggas trigger, I’m full-on triggered! You can’t think of another word to say! Rock the motherfucking rock-n-Roll Of fame!
  • No response, I’m pulling straight back, These niggas will do something to Skate back
  • Spaz out the money! Spaz out the laughs! Spaz those knifes, Spaz out that bitch, oh, it’s already funny
  • Round-off!, Oh, Cause it’s a round-off! Two times a day, Ass on the pay, Fuck all on that day
  • I’m running makers ass off the countryside, Running down the right side.


  • “Start writing lyrics in this box”
  • I can’t stop like I got a pen for a cock/
  • You gone read it like the Bible Torah Quran
  • Today you gone learn some respect for a god/
  • But a dumb mother fucker seldom gets taught
  • Insignificant infant nasty ass, piss and snot/
  • Your just repetitive a sedative relative
  • to Camus’ philosophical suicide with no art/
  • No erasing mistakes cannot
  • judge cannot condemn your facade/
  • Spoil the child while sparing the rod
  • Every time I rhyme your parents still gon’ nod/
  • Ima shine through the mist and the fog
  • Twenty four hours a day like karats on the watch/
  • I create why you scared it’s the damned fist of god
  • I’ll rewrite reality and back spin the clock/
  • Convince you to drink the cool aid you are MY flock
  • I’m a pick apart your mind like a thief pick a lock/
  • I’m the head of state break the nation apart
  • ya fake assassin missing your shot!/
  • I’m the lord of the land with a sinister plot!
  • Ima jack up the rent and imprison the lot!/
  • The nuclear decision atomic division
  • My mission listen man picture it drop/
  • A couple degrees past blistering hot
  • Nothing left but your image burned in the rock/
  • I’m a take him to a vacant lot
  • And convert him to MY religion of decay and rot/
  • This isn’t a battle it’s colonialism
  • And I’m here just to slay and rob!

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