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  • Your battle raps are vile, I'm ready to drop bombs like B rabbit like I'm straight outta 8 mile
  • Facin' me, you'd be better off pulling the Robin Williams, cause you gonna be taking L's cuz i'm bodybaggin' you're better off dying
  • High flyin' sky ridin' eye's widening, these lyrics are like poison to you're eyes, you start cryin'
  • You're weak like a toddler, I 'ma stop your cryin' by givin' you a pacifier, cause obviously I'm the babysitter
  • this isn't child's play, you're stepping into my territory, you're "lyrics" are old like Tracy Kidder
  • don't be scared, come out and play, you're stepping up to the major leauges I'ma murder you, slit your throat and let ya sink in the seventh sea
  • I'm gonna demolish you like King Osiris vs Maverick round 2
  • I'm gonna call you out repedeidly like Kaze to a jew
  • You claim to be a decent battle rapper, you're "Legendary Barz" are outdated
  • Crying cause some kid online said something bout your brother, you're a little self-centered, thinkin' you're above david


  • Sick of reading your Novels seeing your impotent lines explains how you like a failed Steven King
  • Ya voice recording sounds hoarse Can't even ride the beat, delivery thrown off saddle in the ring
  • Faking your identity well fuck your pretend for the media ploy like you undercover boss
  • Baited out your waters to face me, u Wreak of writers block which is why u always got a deadfish response
  • Secrets built in ur computer having network traffic issues which means im jamming your career like gridlocks
  • Pull up the metal it'll be shocking fry you like i just used 1000 Kilowatts
  • I bring the Storm Raising hell as if im devils arsonist watch u burn in my fire
  • Cody's ur name on insta... Guess being james charles is what you desire
  • There aint a single line from you i could envision being complex to decipher
  • Got the stick spraying shells in this turtles back like donatello. Put that in the list of another dead writer

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