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  • uh uh uh
  • yuh
  • i would rather cry but i desrve it
  • twists it, turns it, beats it, burns it, tortures us in silence
  • while i beat it in silence....
  • ay ay ay
  • ive been in my block
  • killin who steps up and says.. .yow
  • now look at my story ....ow
  • please don be stupid becuase ive been on my block
  • shooting it up with my glock
  • Glock 44 what I'm reppin my god
  • yuh yuh loaded cant tell me i aint with the clock
  • Ha-ha, laughing all the way to the top
  • when you say drum it drum it cant be my letter...
  • I'm the president writing myself a letter
  • looking at trump like whoa
  • and her girl like yoh


  • I remember all the nights that I sat lonely in my room
  • window's open, the wind is blowing, there's a faint smell of your perfume
  • It's been a couple of weeks since we've broken up
  • I've been crying for hours, I try to speak but it chokes me up
  • I broke my own heart, regretting my every decision
  • isolating myself from the outside world, sitting alone in the darkness watching television
  • without you, I'm missing my better half
  • the day's depression hit the worse, somehow you made me laugh
  • Things were going great until acid poisoned my heart
  • My attitude changed, I wasn't changing my ways, so she left for a new start
  • I was gettin' high wishin' i would neverland
  • I'm heartbroken because you leaving was never planned
  • My tears and her blood have made a mixture
  • I've tied a noose to the light fixture
  • I'm lost without you, come back, I miss you
  • I'm hurt without you, please save me, I need you

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