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  • Whip out the glock, I’m cooking up the cookie. Stick my dick In her pussy and I
  • Hit it like a rookie. All eyes on me! Everybody looking, cause I get the bag
  • Off of what Im pushing. Pussy so good,I swear I’m bout to cry.I pulled it from her ass and I cummed
  • Inside her eye. the nights only short, don’t let it pass you by. Even when I’m sleepin I keep
  • One open wide..... just me hold open, just hold me close. It’s not a secret, everybody knows
  • That we’ve been fucking, but girl who cares, cause your all mine and not theirs.
  • I’m crazy like em in his slim shady days, I guess I’m going through my slim shady phase
  • Stuck inside these wicked ways,but honestly I would die for her cause she’s skylar grey.


  • The baddest design, four bar eight line, battle of rhymes?
  • I’ve done more fucking lines off your mamas asshole at times
  • Master catch flies fuck around buzz around catch ‘em surprise
  • I’m top chef devouring you is just a matter of thyme
  • Submerge you battered in rye in a vat spattered with lime
  • In the damn fat you will fry speed it up faster is fine
  • Disastrous slime I throw salt slug shrivel after you die
  • Escargots ta kill em filthy villain bastard just die!

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