Battles  TheMadMaster vs Pap


16 Bars of Humility

Max of 38 lines


This battle ended in a tie.


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  • 16 bars. 8 syllables each line.
  • You prideful pussy always claw-
  • ing. Stop abusing your poor minge./
  • Fist fucking yourself abhorrent
  • Out in public front of poor kids!/
  • I’m a grizzly break the door hinge
  • Goldicuntlocks drop the porridge!/
  • We ain’t an apple and orange
  • You’re fruit I’m muscle and meat; raw rich./
  • Animals you hunt not forage
  • Too slow to bring ME down NAW BITCH!/
  • I’m like that drug make a whore itch
  • Make the party all sick all twitch./
  • Even offend your ancestors
  • Make the dead stiff rigor mortis./
  • Fuck the damn place you were born kid.
  • We all should have been aborted!/
  • Really hit me with your sharpest?
  • I’m a blade tempered the hardest./
  • How you tryna be gaslighting
  • and then go attempt to spark shit?/
  • Think you want to be an artist?
  • start with a damn shooting star wish./
  • Be honest can’t talk shit on it.
  • Fall quick on in tears and vomit./
  • Try to speak against the Father!
  • My jobs to go lock your jaw up./
  • Here to keep you fuckers honest.
  • Why I gotta kill em proper./
  • The person who claims victory
  • is the one to write history!/
  • Stop the anarchy so lawless
  • do not make yourself a target!/


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  • Im a hidden devil, Like jack in a box
  • Your head will get knocked, Crib will get bombed,
  • Flow so insane, Fucking sane, Your nose so big it forms his own hurricane,
  • Continent, You wouldn't conquer this, Guess I gotta demolish his kid on xbox
  • Or I mean, It doesn't look like you really have a life, Except for herbalife
  • Skinny walking stick, I can see your bloodlines, U need something like an appitite
  • You are uglier then the dog on your own photo, Bet U suck homo,
  • Might just put you in a frame, No window, I might stab you just to see your blood, mosquito
  • Switch your look with a knife up, Nintendo, Bars more dynamic then Crescendo
  • I know your workout, Back and chest all nice, This 12 gauge will have your 6pack on ice
  • 16 in da joint wit one in da head bullets have legs how they run in ya head, Play with your life
  • I sound harder then all your raps combined when I sneeze, My worst better then your masterpiece
  • Ur and your weird ass personality, Guess u ain't meant to be,
  • Fucking crackhead, U ain't meant to see, This side of me,
  • Where Im angry and find a way to murder this wannabe
  • Fake mc, Cat who lacks the authority, Or flow, Or lyrics to mess with me
  • Ugly fag indeed, I can guarantee that mentally ur not okay, A weird pedigree
  • U look like a parody of the humand kind, I would talk about your girl But yeah alright,
  • I dont need to memorized, fantasized, fake animated charaterized, that you designed
  • Ur not even half of the half of the half how good I am,
  • bars can break u man, Lookout its the pedophile in a minivan,
  • Big Hero 6, Honey lemon girl, looking handyman
  • Your bars so bad its funny, Anchorman

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