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  • i got big balls and i can not lie, yo mama gave me fries with her double d shakes
  • god damb, whenever i cum the earth quakes, volcanic eruptions from my trouser snake
  • you a pencil dick, scribbling jotting lines then you made a mistake
  • call this abortion, cause imma erase you like your mother should
  • bruh im on some other shit, she should've just swallowed but the bitch chose motherhood
  • i guess any other would, digesting phlegm out some niggas pecker wood
  • tekneek, you some dudes condom leak, mama shouldve used you to brush her teeth
  • gargle and spit, bitch im hard with this shit,
  • reminisce this while writing your suicide note, Beverly Quinn at the top of your list


  • You're challenging me, how silly, I'll murder you lyrically
  • My bars go so down in history they'll have to write it biblically
  • Names herself Quinn? I have permission to run her over with a Harley
  • It seems like anyone would black ball you, well you do look like Harvey
  • What's up on the board Quinn? Other then countless bodies
  • A dumb ass like you wouldn't last more than these prodigies
  • Such as me, and all the under dogs that's sprawled out on this site
  • You're just another wanna be rapper that only spits out of spite
  • Out of spite that you think you

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