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Battle on January 21 2020


  • This pipe,We got chemistry,when i fire it got skulls breaking bad like walter white
  • Bitch is on crystal but ima shatter him kick em off his high horse for steppin' near my light
  • Explosive temper, shorter than napoleon, pull the stick ya blown out like dynamite
  • Fuckin' square ima make ya see different colors from my enigma puzzles like rubix cubes
  • Killin' this Mortal in Kombat coz when i press the trigger im unleashing my countermove
  • He Staggers on stage vision blurs coz all he receives is boos/booze
  • My Lion Roars will give ya scars for challenging the king in the arena
  • Shit aint no trial when i get summoned blood splatters in court no subpoena
  • Flooding crashing through ya walls you drownin' in my skills like katrina
  • I stay focused im gaining exposure, got ya in my lens, ya never gopro like a camera
  • Pummel you watch ya breathing heavier than bad asthma like when ya girl sees ya got no stamina
  • Grinding on ya girl circuits one thousand reloads of cum on her fps the way im rammin' her
  • Dodging all your bullshit as im steady killing more beef than a matador
  • Gun Toting on mini me's for bordering my lands call me salvador
  • We in the ring im throwing a hook upon a verse im cassius clay Boxin' you in a casket
  • Serial killer when i kill this trick for milking beefs-Stretch him like elastic
  • Phoenix when i burn ya to ashes no joke my jesters signify my flame spittin' so sporadic
  • Leaking your offspring on a mattress with a minor? This man really wants to be infinite
  • Since you like the Graphic detail Along with the action i guess you Real Explicit
  • Send him to the coroner cause he got his phd in the morgue so heres your death certificate


  • Dax stan can't stand against me even if he's stand up comedian
  • We buddies but now you show your true colors like a Chameleon
  • Now gotta fuck you up, you'll be more broke than the Athenians
  • Squeaky fuck, looking like 645AR on fucking with the helium
  • You don't get a treat, instead this is the battle you'll retreat from
  • You fucking crook, so you need NorStar to make ur own ass some Hook
  • About some stupid broken system so like its going to be cured
  • Yo here, have a death signature, now you sit down in the casket
  • Cause this faggot in the attic thinking he is the fantastic
  • With the bars, I do be smoking you harder than a smoke traffic
  • L handed, ya never be hip hop even if you B Rabbit
  • You're just full of bullshit like face of Indians in India
  • A fucking lonely fuckboy, that's just fucking Claimz's criteria
  • He'll say when I lost, "remember last L" WOW, I got amnesia
  • Your eyes is X and the tongue out like Super Bowl Shakira
  • On our last battle, you really had to use your huge paragraphs
  • Because you knew you were gonna be destroyed and collapsed
  • But this time, I'll show you who gets the victory in this combat
  • You may mock me for my last L but we'll see who gets the last laugh
  • Bitch.

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