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Make one better than mine

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  • I don't know where to begin I'm trippin when
  • I'm rippin the lyrics from the critics
  • I'm prime with the rhyme you be thinking I'm dropping slime
  • Just left the restaurant yeah I left a dime
  • I be doin this even in the summertime
  • mining lime all the way till lunchtime someone get the wine
  • They call me einstein when they see my vine but still they just say it's fine
  • So I am back online sitting on the beach with my toes touching the shoreline
  • I sat there till nine writing down all my rhymes
  • outcome the ally cats they must smell imes sometimes
  • I write my thoughts wait I got some afterthoughts with the blocks yeah Minecraft
  • on xbox give me props I'm part of the black ops somethings in my eye give me
  • some eye drops running from the cops outburst the shots
  • These are the spots that leaves me in knots this is just something to jot
  • I give it everything I got till my body decides to rot I seem to be a robot
  • despite my snot dieases I caught where was I going with this song
  • Oh I forgot I'm being everything that I'm not look at the things I bought
  • I know it's alot but now I'ma stop cause the music don't hop


  • Your sentences lack cohesion which explains why wrote 'em for no reason, I left your woman's mouth covered wit' my semen,
  • Shit, I'm sexy, and raw like tomatoes, can rap to any beat regardless of its tempo, feel like I'm overstating my abilities,
  • I kill my enemies wit' zero sympathies, I'm not trynna to impress 'cause I know I'm blessed by the Ancient Gods,
  • I proclaim to be the Prophet like Muhammad, I'm here to teach people like you who are regarded retarded,
  • I'm just eatin' these rappers up, sending 'em to morticians, when I incinerate a body you betta mind your business.
  • I'd take NUMBER2 on your career, and claim your head as a souvenir, like a wild indian from another region,

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