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Rap about an ex that has ruined your life

Max of 62 lines


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  • Man, whatever
  • Yo h4z4rd just let it run
  • Yo turn the beat up a little
  • Fuck it just listen up
  • i gotta get this shit out there i was played you said you loved me that was a fucking lie you fucking cunt i gotta be here to rap now
  • But at least have the decency in you
  • To leave me alone
  • i wanna get my hands on the man you fucked the whole time and i was alone in the dark i really wanna slap the shit outta you but i won't cuz i'm better then that hell i wanna beat his ass no more like kill him
  • you were my life so i gotta rap now
  • this is the way i am you lying bitch i gotta explain that i am pissed
  • this is for you i hope your happy with that abusive shit i wanna smoke now hell maybe even drink
  • you pissed me off enough that lying bitch is the reason for all my hate and anger
  • i gotta be ready to kill when it is right but we don't need to talk no more matter a fact leave me i don't need you
  • i gotta be ready to kill that abusive shit
  • that lying bitch ruined my life now im'ma ruin hers
  • She thinks she can apologize saying i didn't mean two i should've listened to my friends now i got nothing but hate
  • You caused it bitch and i won't even forgive you trying to be there for me now i told you we are done
  • I want you to stop
  • Why don't you listen to me and go to your baby daddy he is better for you then i am hell he prolly in the military or some shit but he shouldn't have taken you from me now i got to look for another girl
  • Gotta rap and spit till i am calm you gotta twisted world and a twisted mind
  • Livin in a world of lies and shrouded by darkness but i gotta let go and unfold and let the rage flow so we ain't gotta talk no more i gotta tear this barrier off and go through the pain and suffering
  • But i am calling you out you lying bitch for being a cheating cunt die in a hole somewhere and never talk to me or my family
  • You wanted to be a gangsta but you really just now a thot and you cry to me when you get played


  • Intro
  • Bitch said she liked me
  • That's what she lied about
  • Verse 1:
  • Back from a troubled past
  • thought a girl like me
  • she didn't see the real me
  • she was just a golddigger
  • messed with me nigga'
  • Went clubbin'
  • wanting to have some loving
  • couldn't stop drinking
  • then I started thinking
  • why she does it
  • why did she lie to me
  • Hook:
  • Had a lot of feelings
  • friends made fun of them
  • Feel like I am drowning, don't know how to swim
  • will somebody help me
  • and see the real me
  • Verse 2:
  • wanted to be happy
  • Hanging with family
  • she said no when I asked her
  • said we will never be together
  • had her fake smiles
  • went a lot of miles
  • she wanted to break me
  • that is why she lied to me
  • I still have those feelings
  • man I don't know what's wrong
  • guess I ain't' that strong
  • nobody will help me!
  • feeling yelling out loud!
  • just asking myself why she lie(she lied)
  • Hook:
  • feeling like i was stupid
  • in these troubled times
  • feeling like Forrest Gump when his crush kept running

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