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Take it as fuckin' random rap battle. Don't talk about your personal live.

Max of 64 lines


Pap won this battle!


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  • Hey, yo pap.
  • You tryna rap?!
  • You tryna make people clap?!
  • After this rap you will take nap.
  • You fatass motherfucker!
  • lemme destroy ya Brother!
  • You sucka'
  • you fucka'
  • My rhymes are in every timelines.
  • I don't need an superman in my ass!
  • Like fuckin' grass in my mouth.
  • Lets take it from west.
  • but first u need an vest!
  • My mind is messed.
  • And obessed killing everyone and anyone.
  • I got non' rifle.
  • Because this is a survival.
  • This is my final anger.
  • Im like gangster with no banger!
  • I don't rap like cancer.
  • Cancel it.
  • Because i did destroy your career now rather make a tear.
  • I wear a fuckin' head like my belt.
  • I never felt sadness.
  • I like to kick asses.
  • You got no gasoline.
  • Ur not a king but you are queen.
  • Between me and you, you know i won!


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  • Hey yo F.A!
  • No need for a nap ill kill u in my sleep, With an A.K
  • U gay, I'll slay u put your head on a display
  • Fake fag, This a rap essay, U ain't passing this test
  • This lesson is next, Make u invest in a vest
  • Ur obsessed with my raps,
  • Same rhymescheme but I'm the one better in class
  • Im classy, A knife can leave you quite messy
  • Insane don't test these, flows that come at you directly
  • Indeed ur mind is messed, U a trynabe R. Kelly
  • Apparently U are tryna be legendary but thats Unnecessary
  • your vocabulary is quite wack, Sounds like elementary
  • Ur quite ordinary, While I' am Extraordinary
  • And no U didnt win, I think u honestly suck.
  • You are soft as a buttercup
  • Hold up, Lets stand up against this "Grownup"
  • Who finds it difficult to cover up the fact he isn't relevant.
  • To kill this wannabe mc i'm Benevolent
  • Here is a tip: Your rhymes need redevelopment

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