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Battle on July 9 2019 and Battle on January 29 2020


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  • In dat same drop wit da same same glock
  • seeing raindrops when da pain stops /
  • them same rocks hitting same blocks
  • insane cops when them thangs pop
  • I get da same props when them thangs stop
  • my name hot but my chain not
  • I got da game locked
  • and its strange Ock
  • I'm dealing wit the same pain / the fortune and fame
  • and it might not look the same
  • but it Slick Rick and Dana
  • and I got the same chain that little wayne got.
  • My bytch pussy get soo wet
  • I call her little Bankock.
  • she some kin to Paquio
  • and that's Mannny.
  • and I'm coming out that Grey sweater
  • like i'm May -weather in Miami..........


  • This is my battle cry a call to arms
  • how I went from a fault in our stars
  • to the war zone marching I slap box rap
  • dodging and blocking then I'm knocking out the competition
  • Give me a proposition I'm locked in not stopping till i break the fuck out this box I'm in
  • But back on my boxing scheme I dodge and weave like Muhammed Ali
  • Rope-a-dopin you can get waxed like the papers I throw my dope in
  • Semi colin holstered aim at the track then i open fire till theres no survivors
  • I hope one day they say what I wrote inspires play me in stadiums holdin lighters
  • throw in fire so you dont get tired of hearing me be cold as icebergs
  • I been this way since my Styles birth
  • ima marksman finish everything I started
  • I'm the best in the buisness so why am I a starving artist
  • I can go round after round the streets is my battle gound
  • I can out rap you till you dead 6 feet into the ground
  • Where I com from you gotta be hard but You either dead or in a cell rot
  • My career will re write history this is my game this is what rap is-to-me
  • I chop the beat up so good you could call me the guillotine
  • all I need is some good weed and some nicotine
  • I'll chop it up till my lips bleed this is my release it gives me a high
  • Better than the shit im smoking
  • I'm a spokesman for the lower class broke men
  • My hearts frozen you can see it through my poems
  • I have a rare gift I'm feeling like I'm chosen unbroken
  • I hit the track like an explosion that's why your minds blown in

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