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Battle, dont delete your old account

Max of 25 lines


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  • This boii came on my profile, sayin he wanna battle me, bitch please/
  • This aint a battle.. This a gun fight massacre and I'm ill wid the artillery/
  • This be lookin like hardy boys, boii, your death be an unsolved mystery/
  • You really aint checked my past rounds, well, i guess I gotta make you a part of history/
  • You wrote a verse wid McRuthless, but it flopped didn't it?/ You pissed
  • cuz you got denied the crew, dont believe me folks, just ask "The-Niggest/
  • You called out a diss track, you aint see it yet, but you bout to be smashed/
  • You remixed, i need a doctor, well you really bout to, This is just routine man/
  • I aint got beef with you. In fact, i didnt even know your name before this battle?/
  • Thats why i get morbid, sharpen my knife, and cut a random emcee's adam's apple/
  • I leave this nobody "stan" starin at his own throat, as all his family lights a candle/
  • Quit it rambo, you aint shit, and you fuckin wid the wrong emcee,
  • I guess i gotta make you an example/
  • My "tekneeks" are ample/ Want proof, this verse is a sample/
  • I set the bar higher, half yall aint grab the handle/ So i gotta make short work
  • of him, Tocksick, not sick, cock lick, all names for a boy who wants to battle a
  • god, but aint worthy to carry my sandles/
  • You deleted your old account cuz Atreus kicked your ass, he bruised your ego?
  • thats what I call a sore loser/ I'mma drug user, abusin' the paper, literally,
  • an-a-kid wants to mess wid me, I gotta get em wid the light saber/ Even
  • slim jesus aint carry my sandles, bitch, I am a savior/ I save the rap game,
  • bitch, 3 strikes your out, this kid is not a player/ I got two more lines to finish you
  • off, Deleting your account over a battle, i guess you better start a new one after this/
  • The way I spit "tocksick" wid these "Tekneek"s I'm blessed with, Definitely, not your average, take it to another level wid the rap shit/


  • He calls himself Cain but if we ever collaborated I'd be the one to help carry him on the verse
  • I'm a potty mouthed Wizard so please excuse my curse
  • Did a collab with a couple rappers in this galaxy but he only had the universe
  • That actually gave him recognition on this site so lemme put this shit in reverse
  • You could say i knocked the wind out of this wanna be rapper 9 times, from me he only drew breeze
  • Won't be much be much of a Saint until he's on his fucking knees
  • Lock him in a flooded state of mind, and make him swallow the Florida Keys
  • The only reason his girl left him for me cause he had a poor release
  • Twenty Five lines, man I haven't faced such of an addict even if I was high up there
  • I've ticked off more people than you have tics in your hair
  • Talk about my deleted account, go ahead, I don't really care
  • You're more of a clown from a circus, your girls riding me like a coaster from the fair
  • You're kind of chicken when it comes to battling, you can't do shit that my chick can
  • Tell you're whole Iranian group about me, I mean you're whole pak is Stan
  • Sucking up to Eminem and riding his dick, that's something I can't stand
  • Will the real Cain please stand up? Nah, gravity can't rely on this man
  • Make a noose and hang up your career, see if you can reach it then
  • Short dude I got more short jokes then a Norwegian parent
  • Doesn't make sense huh? Don't worry I don't mean to be dense
  • I could stretch out this beef like rubber if it gets a little tense
  • Oh lord my time is up, but thanks for sending the battle
  • But don't go acting like a baby if you lose cause Daddy Tek dont got a rattle
  • If I rev up my bars it wouldn't be something you can handle
  • Even if you we're a flo bot, it aint no oz shit but I'd light your way with this candle

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