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  • I wonder what your wrote boy I'm coming for the throat
  • Like a fire I'm stoked every line you write about me is a fucking joke
  • You don't want the smoke I'll beat your head in like I'm doing coke
  • You may rap good but bitch we all know your broke
  • Get that cock outta your mouth before you choke
  • Like an English man your just another defeated bloke
  • I should hold off we don't need you to croke like your 80 yrs old
  • From faygottville Arkansas I'm the sheriff and the law
  • Punch you in the throat like craw Mcgraw sickest shit you ever saw
  • Never see me cause I'm a fucking southpaw beat me homie nah
  • Not in a million years not even after a 28 pack of cold beers
  • Fuck it not even unlimited years you'll still be shedding tears
  • Your gonna try to kill me but I have no fears
  • But from what I hear you have eyes for queers
  • Got a piercing in your left ear better stay clear like oh dear
  • The reign for you is near like nick cannon now it's respect I'm demanding
  • Right and left hands are landing bitch I'm still standing
  • Should of stayed with Cass job corps now I have to make you a corpse
  • If we were on the interstate everyone would be blowing there horns
  • Unfortunately your like jesus with the thorns
  • About to get your ass torn like that fucking band korn
  • Mother fucker I'm 2pac reborn just in a white uniform
  • And you well your just a fucking gay looking unicorn
  • With a unibrow holy cow like kung fu panda fucking pow!
  • Probably a nerd that sits at home playing WoW
  • Wait where the fuck is that smile?
  • This kinda reminds me of the end of 8 mile
  • Just another rapper I beat to put into my file
  • Homie there simply is no denial your just a kyle
  • Face it dawg I have a much better style!
  • So I'm gonna crank this bitch up another dial
  • Make your bitch ass walk the green mile
  • Then dump your lyrics in the closest shit pile
  • Mine are like brand new fancy shiny tile
  • Bro should of kept in the bars as an Mc
  • Then again every time you showed up for a gig it was empty
  • You might be poison but I'm the fucking remedy
  • Self employed little bitch you'll forever remember me
  • I'm the guy that beat you like a self inflicted std!


  • He said he wanna see competition
  • "Go in on me hard NorStar" No Sky listen/
  • If you can get past this round you might get my attention/
  • But until then you can settle for a muthafuckin scrimmage/
  • I ain't try to get number 1 that shit was accidental/
  • And yea folks vote for me half the time without readin my pencil/
  • Reason is they dont have to read cause even if I didnt kill em/
  • They know me well enough to know I spared em from gettin in they feelins/
  • SkyKing you fuckin wit a Viking striking with white lighting like Odin/
  • This old man got a cold pen and you knowin if I go in you ain't gon get no win/
  • My Ode in this fuckin game is be humble but bar none that want smoke even when its yo friend/
  • I'm an Omen for those opposing grown men with a strong pen/
  • I'm ok with that wordplay but I dont show off I'm no Showman/
  • But I'll show you wutitdew since you thinkin you can contend/
  • This Con tend con folks into thinkin his shit hit harder then Kratos/
  • But all i seen when I went to read was a few solid bars thrown in with compost/
  • SkyKing smokin that good dope if this asshole thinkin his flow cold/
  • But my front blows in its snowin and u frozen solid bro wit no coat/
  • And then the next line its summer time and tan lines when I spit them flames ho/
  • I'm a fuckin beast with dragon genes for u I'm a massive under takin/
  • Cause when I go to spittin that fire bruh you cooked so call that Canadian Bacon/
  • I get why u wanna battle tho but it's my time that you waistin/
  • And all votes in my column on this round is tha whole site sayin/
  • You ain't ready Skyler for tha Northsider so quit ya clout chasin/
  • I swear dawg u bet not pop off with some gun bars like you gang bang/
  • When the only thing u ever shot was a missed goal at a hockey game/
  • So you threaten me and we will see if you Master P bout it bout it mayn/
  • I hop on planes trains and automobiles like John Candy and straight bang ya brains/
  • Rob your ass for spendin cash and catch the flight back to the A state/
  • But anyway dawg glad u came thanks for addin your name to my graveyard/
  • And all of yall that read this whole thang that means alot and I thank yall/
  • Oh and SkyHiness dont look now but I'm right behind ya with a chainsaw/
  • Did ya look cause I jus kid but if you did then Haha/

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