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Max of 64 lines (mine is 64), recorded A Capella (no beat), also show written lyrics .. have fun

Max of 64 lines


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  • I found a way to stay/ words to say/ time to play/
  • Little bit off my meds today, maybe a little bit insane an cray/
  • I can only/ process three/ syllables/ per stanza, ey.../
  • Shout out to the upper midwest
  • Better digest/ these words that can't be compared or mirrored/ it's time to rest/
  • Give them time to process/
  • But I just digress/
  • I disagree/ because I was institutionally/ influenced through any/ means necessary/ especially/ physically/
  • Some call this abuse, others call this a rude but necessary process/
  • Like cumming on a slut and her prom dress/
  • Sorry, maybe that was a delusional confusion of intent of power only to dominate and tower,
  • Said by a Freudist in power, who looks at every clock tower as a sexual level only to empower,
  • Finds no fault in asserting penetration is the right to ownership,
  • But ain't owing her shit,
  • If that is/ who you want to/ be under than/ we may, have to be/ able to disagree/
  • He's not my owner/ and I'm not a pedigree/
  • Now that I brought you to my speed/
  • I see the need, to confess and bleed,
  • But I'm not here to concede, I'm here to succeed,
  • As that freudist would suggest you would "suck the seed",
  • If you didn't develop pass/ that level as/ the successful class/
  • So maybe/ I'm just as guilty/ as just a bully/ as my worst enemy,
  • But I'm just adding insult to further injury/ when I say the truth is all I need/
  • They look at me confused because they believe only what they are told to read/
  • Only 25 lines in and I think I may see the division,
  • The line that was drawn by provocation,
  • A driven dedication to set this nation as some fundamentalist union of transference,
  • Too scared to dare to care about the sexually "impaired", because maybe he would prefer the dick to a mare,
  • Stormy Daniel's was really just a cover up with his male affair,
  • Ok moving on past the first woman who showed everything bare, and I just cummed right there,
  • I just had to change my underwear, now I have porn remorse,
  • And I didn't even have intercourse,
  • All because I failed the phallic stage of my developmental course,
  • If you think I've gone a bit to far and pass gone,
  • Then hand me over that glass bong, because why stay drug free if they think I'm already/ ill mentally/
  • Lift me to another level spiritually,
  • Or psychosexually because I failed when it came to latency/
  • See/ we can only be/ close if I can touch you sexually/
  • Even if it is just all mentally/
  • Thanks to the digital revolution to ease that mental intrusion/
  • Undressing you with my eyes, a feeling you may get caught by surprise/
  • React to that and I promise your demise/
  • I'll give you the best night of your life, Only to never have another night again,
  • Because I would have shortened your lifespan, After your 16th orgasm,
  • I would have had you gagging on your own moaning reaction,
  • Until there was nothing that I couldn't do to you,
  • So I tied your neck to the back of that chair and fucked you in the air,
  • Until your face went blue, Sad but true, all my relationships end like you,
  • A dark secret that the FBI are starting to get glued to/ A pile of bones in my attic,
  • Evil has gone psychotic/ as my victim's bones become furniture in my attic/
  • Deranged and at it/ Like a nasty habit/
  • I lick the bones clean until they are shining/
  • Sometimes with a glass of aged red wine before I start writing/
  • Oh, dont worry, I use special glue/ to connect each bone to/ so no hole could ever come through/
  • I made a table and two chairs with a wicker hair woven backing, I hope you understand what I'm trying to prove/
  • Absent minded in a desolate place that was not a good way we would be able to see the world in rows of time
  • I'm sorry it is/ the way it is, but the feeling is becoming positive that
  • Taking these hoes have gotten so easy I'm starting a home furniture store,
  • So now I have to be on a schedule killing these sluts very carefully, but maybe leaving clues purposely,
  • I'm not saying I have any answering to any whores vanishing because I can catch s glance with any looking woman,
  • My victims are generic submissive who lack self esteem but naivety just so plain to see, found out this doesn't discriminate
  • Any person with any degree or field of study/
  • My words are written purposely, Found a way to free my demons and keep them at bay forcibly,
  • I relate to the Joker unfortunately, I walk the line of sanity/ This is just a blatant form of idiocracy..


  • alright nr4u you want a battle
  • you don't have any leads or shit
  • imma dig a six foot pit
  • put your body down there after this
  • cus you're as good as dead
  • put this baby to bed
  • you know that all you seem to be
  • is a little bitch waiting for defeat
  • so let me make on thing clear
  • imma blow your brains to the atmosphere
  • and you need sixty-four lines
  • just to diss somebodies rhymes
  • all I need is a single paragraph
  • to make someone feel my wrath
  • this is only line fifteen ya feel me yet
  • oh and one more thing I'm going in blind
  • but six of my lines
  • are probably better than all sixty-four of yours combined
  • honestly this is a waste of my time
  • I'm signing off here, I'm saying goodbye

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