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  • You tryna call me a rookie bitch please look at you
  • you say you want a challenge, and now I'm in the mood
  • Imagine you're just a little bitch
  • need a fourty-four to back your shit
  • You claim that your ranked with the elites
  • well let's just leave that claim to the critiques
  • you sayin' that you'll make my head rattle
  • you sayin' that you'll herd me like cattle
  • honestly I'd like to see that happen
  • I'm about to go off like a cannon
  • if your at your peak that kinda sadistic
  • you know a career's meant to be realistic
  • and straight up no bullshit you sound pretty cliche
  • that's the only way to describe what you say
  • I'm gonna be the one to make your fuckin' streak crumble
  • every empire in history has tuned to rubble
  • and every single dynasty must come to an end
  • the option Imma give you is to stop playing pretend
  • I've got the next generation of rapping in me
  • so make sure to tell me when you're tasting the defeat


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  • Hi royal you spoiled after I kill you imma rap you in tin foil
  • One shot with no recoil maybe make you drink pennzoil
  • You really make my blood boil
  • Your rhymes are as stiff as a gargoyle
  • Your fan base sucks mine are actually loyal
  • You started me up like a spark coil
  • Bitch you say I need 44 to back me
  • You blind sided attacked me I'm the realest G
  • Not this shit you see on T.V believe me
  • Battling you I can breath easy call it febreezy
  • You rap about depression and pills bitch your cheesy
  • I'm like muhammad Ali your never gonna see me
  • I'll make you my bitch like girl please never leave me!
  • Please God deliver this boy from sin for he thinks he's going to win
  • Every track of yours belongs in the trash bin
  • Homie your my cash in I'm gonna beat you in unspeakable fashion

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