Battles  SKarDude vs Fatality


Diss this as hard as u can

Max of 64 lines


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  • I press “new world”
  • Less than 10 seconds to go
  • Then steve emerged
  • I look ragged head to toe
  • I’m breaking wood
  • With my bare hands
  • To add some good stocks
  • to my inventory slots
  • 1 wood log is 4 wooden planks
  • I have 6 wood on my hands
  • 6 times 4 is twenty-four quick maths
  • now I can make a wooden pickaxe
  • I want some diamonds but let's be rational here
  • we only started, we are very new here
  • while mining my wooden pickaxe broke
  • at this rate, we do not have any hope
  • luckily we have sixty-four stone
  • I right-clicked it once and it became thirty-two
  • cuz thirty-two is sixty-four divided by two
  • and that is very, very, true


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  • I'm lyrically insane,
  • 2 lines in and this bitch Simon is in flames,
  • I'm a Bitch killer on a rampage,
  • Crucifing this mother fucker like Alexander the Great,
  • I'll separate his corpses away from the plate,
  • And dag his bones into his fucking grave,
  • Now behave you little slut before I make you lose your faith,
  • I'm the devil and your my slave,
  • Want you to commit suicide after I lock you in chains,
  • And get your dad to cut your dick off with these sharp-ass blades,
  • Leave you to deteriorate,
  • Fucking gay bitch why can't you be straight,
  • Or do you wanna die this way?
  • Pull out my AK,
  • Leave you for the cops to display,
  • Whilst the whole of your body is left decayed,
  • By Fatality the one who batters the shits,
  • Then lyrically and physically assinnates, whilst a Bitch called Simon masturbates with that rape face,
  • Why am I dissing you when I told myself no fakes,
  • I wouldn't say no hate,especially when I saw those grades,
  • Did mommy or daddy ever tell you were a mistake?
  • Just like that copy and paste aka your inspiration Drake,
  • I venomed you with the plague,
  • When your in my path, bitch there's no place to escape,
  • Wait..
  • Look at your shape,prolly sellotape your stolen bape so your flabs don't inflate,
  • Thinking I've finished? -
  • Bitch waittt a minuttee,
  • Saying you look big when your fucking 4 Foot you migit,
  • Reading this in your coffin,
  • The grounds beginning to shake,
  • Is it Fatality's earthquake?
  • Or has he murdered a Bitch who's overweight,
  • Can't stop this mother fucking flow,it's hydro,
  • Killed you, the universe calls me a psycho,
  • Just because I made this bitches eyes closed,
  • Fuck!
  • He deserved to get smoked,
  • Munching on a small dick, he never choked,
  • But when he heard this shit, he choked,
  • He felt nauseous, dead on the ground,
  • Gay boy lost his hope,
  • Only for being toxicated into his throat,
  • What if I grabbed the rope?
  • Or got the snipe with the scope?
  • Or leave you overdosed,
  • With that dope and that coke,
  • Sorry to end your life, they always said to make your most,
  • Before being diagnosed by Fatality's flow

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