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  • Bax, all you are good at is analyzation.
  • Like your 9/11 lines, I’ll cause mass-devastation.
  • Bax, analyze your urethra, then stick a pin up, that’s how you jerk off.
  • Smack you til’ you convulse, it’s called ergot.
  • Like Salem when I leave you hangin’ from the treetop.
  • I have a killer-impulse, that’s why I stop your pulse.
  • I’m like Satan, in your mind, promotin’ bitin’ on pills like Vid Vicodin.
  • I’ll make your head spin, use a syringe, it’s lethal injection.
  • Spin in as the pole your mom uses. She walk home covered in cum, slits, and bruises.
  • Baxuzela, I’ll leave your fluids spilling,
  • Lyrical killing, I’m gon’ leave you crying,
  • Stop denying that you’re dying.


  • Collateral, I'm going to put you back into your hole, I'll call ya a reverse Jesus.
  • Keep thinking you're lyrical, you'll be roasted from head to toe, ya can be dunked by a Fetus
  • I'm at my damn pinnacle, Ima 6-0 you on the poll, ya battling a goddamn rapping genius
  • Take your I's out, I'm Greeks to deformed babies, your suffering escalating like a Genus
  • Let me show you the art of rapping, spit fire like Hades, your whole verse was pure sweetness
  • This lil prick thinks he's a masterpiece, even tho his raps are worse than the Nazis hate speeches
  • I'm smoking you harder than factories, if you think ya winning ya must be so damn delirious
  • Causing all this critical havoc, your bars are as hard as the Diss from Nick Cannon
  • This lil snitch trying to know the secret to my skills, like his name was Plankton
  • He must be overdosing on some damn crazy pills, cuz all his shit is just random
  • If you think you're the goat, then ima put you in my lyrical ritual like a sanctum
  • I'm like a ghost, cause you're an ebenezer scrooge being haunted by phantoms

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