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  • You smell foul, I ought to wash your insides, perhaps your gall bladder.
  • I bring guns to a street fight, shoot ya hand until it don't feel right,
  • I treat ya homies like record players, scratch 'em like C Mike.
  • On this rapper I'm zapping electricity, he shakn' and dancin' like James Brown, getting funky.
  • There's all likelihood ya getting fucked by Molester Stallone,
  • You're garbage, it runs through your DNA and chromosomes.
  • Baby I'm coming back stronger than ever, cookin' this rapper under pressure, you must surrender.
  • Hope you cherish your memories when I extract ya brain, set in the freezer, let his brain freeze.
  • I'm raging; rappin' with no motivation, yet still able to leave this rapper frustrated, I'm ruling like King David,
  • while this low status person is like Adam, afraid and naked.
  • We not cool. Consider me your enemy, like Japan and America, opposing countries,
  • inside of me the beast I will unleash, I guarantee pain you'll receive.
  • My hands slicing and dicing his fingers like quick lighting, movin' quick and smooth, not contemplating.
  • I forbid you to battle me, it's simple suicide like kamikaze, you're old as Atari.


  • I was asked why I did it
  • But boy you don't know shit
  • I might be crazy and I might be nuts
  • And all these cuts
  • they give me character
  • My blood is flowing thicker than a river
  • I might look happy, but when your not looking I lick my teeth
  • You would never believe who I have hidden underneath
  • Boy you don't understand
  • None of this was planned
  • I licked my knife
  • The one I just used to kill your wife
  • I'm crazy i'm nuts
  • I"m killing all of your sluts
  • I was asked why I killed that man, why did I kill him
  • I have him hidden in his coffin
  • I licked my lips
  • Boy I have secrets
  • I looked up at that cop
  • All it took was one shot
  • Boy I came here to slay
  • I will let you pray
  • I'm sorry was that mean
  • I'll give you until you turn sixteen.

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