Battles  Devilsinner vs Ame


Only written 30 bars

Max of 30 lines


Ame won this battle!


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  • I asked " who wants to battle", while making a CLASSIC
  • Then ame responded and I was MASKED WITH
  • Two 9''s but this RAP SHIT, is TRAGIC
  • Cuz everytime I battle someone, they end up in a CASKET
  • This one's yours, meaning your DEAD, fuk what you SAID
  • The opponents I battled are filled with LED
  • Your name is ame, so the next time I aim (ame) higher,
  • Its gona be right to ya fucking HEAD
  • Clapping guns like a fat guy laughing from a JOKE
  • My rap lines hit you harder than lines of COKE, or DOPE
  • And ame is in front of me, so ain't gotta look through the SCOPE
  • I'm a loony, a goonie braught the SHOTY'S IN
  • The only bag that you will ever cop is the one they put the BODY'S IN
  • zip em up like K shine, that's what you DESERVIN
  • Its game over when I'm LEARKIN and OBSERVIN
  • I got 13 personalities inside me, you get a head shot each PERSON
  • 13 holes in ya head, I'm a like a pitbull in the MUD
  • Wipe away you STUDS like a katrena FLOOD, I'm beyond and ABOVE
  • you silly niggaz never get the picture,
  • Until it's painted with your BLOOD,
  • And I don't care about winning or da SCORE
  • Ya votes fake but I got MORE, for SURE, a shot to ya CORE
  • I press the trigger faster than x on PS4,
  • Blood on the FLOOR, than two shots with a notice
  • Like the eviction on ya DOOR


  • To start off, I'm done with him, rhetorical to make fun of him
  • Bible says there are 7 deadly Sins..but I know you're not one of 'em!!
  • Bet you didn't think this would be the result of your open challenge
  • The battle heavyweight you couldn't lift or even hope to balance!!
  • I'm the bringer of potent malice, cloaked in foulness, hellish and cruel
  • Lava in my lungs, fire on the tongue..Im sayin, I'm a better Devil than you!!
  • I hate that I'm wasting this on an attention craving bitch doomed to a razor slit
  • We all know he faking it, this Devil couldn't get votes in a room full of Satanists!!
  • And this time the God won't pardon ya evils, you gotta be smarter to beat him
  • But the only time Sin was original..was way back in the Garden of Eden!!
  • From that point I was anointed the darkest of demons, without a heart or a reason
  • Charted the heathens and start with the weakest, harvest and eat 'em
  • Leave 'em starvin and beaten, make sure he's sees it and hope he feel it
  • So he understand a Devil is nothin to someone who shadowboxes the Holy Spirit!!
  • I could easily pull up to your crib and throw a few bricks in the window
  • Wait until you come out, then smash DS like I'm fuckin sick of Nintendo!!
  • Body left tossed and frayed, brain lost and dazed, bloody socks and J's
  • I escape clean..guess it's just another example of a Sin being washed away!!
  • See I told you this shit would be a beatdown, now you belong to me clown
  • No chance to rebound, you gotta ask MY permission next time you wanna freestyle!!
  • Behind youre screen sweatin, cussin..fuck 30 bars, this a battle not a lecture cousin
  • So I'll give you 8 lines of silence and hopefully you might learn a lesson from it!!
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  • .
  • .
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