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write something that got u in ur feelings, something u or someone u loved did no dissing other rappers(sadly) no copying lyrics(i must say)

Max of 64 lines


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  • Fuck it,
  • I dont wanna be single, dont wanna be a loner,
  • but guess pretty girls aint nthin
  • but makeup and skin toner
  • u shoulda never turned yo back on me,
  • u must be a rat,
  • u walked right into my trap for cheese,
  • steady tryna take my bread from me,
  • You should go and brush your teeth for bout an hour,
  • cuz your breath is hella sour,
  • well your at it take shower,
  • cuz ur pussy tasted like clam chowder,
  • nah im just playin it was good Flowers ;p,
  • I never wanted to call u my ex,
  • i really tried my best,
  • but baby u went ghost,
  • now im depressed,
  • my nigga said u just a gold digger,
  • so i shouldnt really be stressed,
  • i dropped my hoes,
  • but let me guess,
  • you was probably still flirting wit ya ex.
  • I know we aint really speaking,
  • but i still care for u
  • baby give me another chance,
  • and in love we could really fall,
  • i aint talk wit no girls,
  • forever till you call wassup


  • I got sum shit on my mind that i need to get off my chest
  • Feeling depressed started dealing to invest
  • into a vest to protect my head and neck
  • my grandpas no more hes dead but i didn't forget
  • I get dressed on a private jet
  • from the outside i look blessed
  • yet on the inside i feel depressed
  • ive cried they say he'll just need a rest
  • yet i feel like going into cardiac arrest from the pain
  • it drains me I wish i could just dissapear
  • and reappear on the other side with no strain on my brain
  • it's crippling to the point where i need a cane
  • or else ill go insane and twist into the bane
  • mental health is no joke
  • It's stealth like a cloak
  • next thing u know ur not yourself holding a rope
  • suicide is never the answer
  • it's a forever chapter
  • u cant turn the page if the book is over

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